Agape Love—The Last Addition to the Faith

Life and its meaning boils down to one thing—love. Without love hearts petrify into parched limestone. Without love man’s tears become empty waterless mirages. When man cares not for others, he becomes a deserted island where no fresh water runs into the salty sea.

Our reality, our dreams, and our destinies hinge on love. But this is no ordinary Eros love, which is the fleshly romantic love seared in lust. Neither is it man’s love. No. This is agape love, the love that comes from above, not beneath. This love is the beating heart of God our Creator and Savior. “God is love.” And it is this love that gives, forgives, and has mercy on human beings. We are talking love that is the “divine nature.”

God’s purpose in our existence is not just to show His love to us; rather it is to love others through us. It is all about “Love from above—down and through.” His plan is profoundly simple, and yet impossible to fulfill in mankind’s first estate of sinful selfishness.

We have a very important part to play in His purpose, which is this: God is in the process of reproducing Himself in human beings. Since He is agape love, He is reproducing Love—Himself. The abiding that we refer to is when His Spirit, which is Love, comes into us and abides/remains/stays in us. This abiding grows when we give, forgive and do the other “New Commandments” Christ has given to us. When we channel His love onto another, His nature of love is reproduced magnified, thus fulfilling His purpose.

God has a plan to guide us into a position to receive His Spirit of agape love into the center of our being. Christ, the Son of God is central to this plan. It is only He that shows us the way to receive the Father into our hearts. For He is the way. He is the road, the avenue to get there.

He lined out the secrets and mysteries to His apostles. They have shared the way with us in the letters they wrote to the church in the first century A.D. Peter tells us that we will reach spiritual maturity when we add seven additions to the faith (II Peter 1: 3-11). The last one is agape love.

This agape love is the “Spirit of truth” that will inhabit and actually remain in us, guiding us into all truth. Agape love is based in truth. If there is any falseness, then it is not agape love, for He is truth; His word is truth. If there are any false teachings, then the Spirit of truth cannot abide/remain/stay in us. [It is not coincidental that the very next chapter of II Peter is a stern warning to us all concerning “false prophets” and “false teachers” who will bring in heresies that will prevent us from fulfilling God’s purpose.]

Remember Christ clearing out the temple? We are the temple—the temple of God! All money changers of selfish and worldly thinking and error filled thoughts must be banished from our hearts. Then His Spirit will abide/remain/stay in us and take up residence. And through the presence of His Spirit within, His love will grow, and He will be reproduced within us.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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