“Thy Will Be Done in Earth”

God’s will is His wish, desire, and purpose. It is to reproduce Himself. His will is strong, like a mighty invisible river that flows from His heart throughout the earth.  He is the cause of all things; His desire causes His vision for His universe to come to pass.  Nothing can stop His will from being done. Nothing can stop Him from accomplishing what He has set out to do. The King will make his wishes reality.

Consequently, if we have a purpose in this life that is not in His will, we will feel thwarted.  Futility will haunt our endeavors.  It will be as if we are paddling a canoe upstream.  We will thrash about, working hard, but we will be struggling against the current.  And that current is His will.

Knowing and surrendering to His will makes our burden light, as Christ said. He said that we are offspring of the King. Our future in Him fulfills His purpose. Our future is painted in scripture: “Christ in you, the hope of glory…Bringing many sons (and daughters) unto glory…That you might be filled with all the fulness of God…Perfecting of the saints…”

These words describes us. He believes in us. So let’s believe Him with His own faith. His will is to present His sons and daughters to the world at the end of this age.  He will accomplish His purpose “in earth as it is in heaven.” 

His Game Plan

God’s will is His game plan. He will win. The Kingdom of Light will overtake and destroy the kingdom of darkness. Like Gideon’s army, He will use human beings that are weak and powerless in their own eyes and know they need Him to overcome the adversary the devil.

Through this victory of good over evil, He will receive great glory as He helps His body of sons and daughters do this. His name will be honored and glorified. All will know that Yahshua means Yah Is the Savior.  And He shall enact what His very name means as He saves us from destruction in the latter days.  Yah will deliver us out of the ashes of a smoldering world system.

Christ spoke plainly about the Father’s will.  “And this is the will of Him who sent me that I shall lose none of all that He has given me, but raise them up at the last day.”  He promised us that He would raise us up at the last day!  He would raise up God’s sons; none would be left behind; none would be forgotten, whose names were written in the book of life.

Christ wants us to pray with this understanding.  This is why He included the Father’s will in His model prayer. When we pray with this knowledge, the Father will perk up His ears and will listen to us.

Let’s be honest. We have all tuned out our own children at times when they are talking foolishly or ignorantly. We did not take them seriously, nor do we even remember what they were talking about. It is no different with our Father and us. It is only when we get on His page. Then He will answer when we pray, “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” 

Yet, our Savior knows our frailty. So He has provided heavenly bread to sustain us on our journey. We will need to ask Him for His spiritual bread…

[This is Chapter 11 of my new book. The working title is The New Commandments of Christ. I hope to have it published in the spring of 2021. Obeying His “new commandments” is so important to anyone who desires to grow to the “stature of the fullness of Christ.” KWHancock

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