Open Letter to the Body of Christ

To my brothers and sisters in the body of our great Messiah and King and Creator. May His peace cover you with the warmth of His love.

I write to you His faithful ones who look out over this evil world, and who long for Him to come back to this bloodstained earth and heal its wounds. I write to you who walk on alone. But you are not alone. I write to you who realize that there is more we should know and more we should do. It is a lonely journey. But you are not alone, for this brother in Spirit walks with you and yearns for our fellowship in a better world.

I miss your eager desire to know our Savior as we walk on, believing that the Father dwells bodily in the Son, of whom we are a member. That means the Father is in us, too. I encourage you to walk on in this truth, knowing that it is His will. Pray according to His will, which is His eternal purpose—to bring us into His throne room in our new spiritual body.

I only ask one thing from you, just five minutes of your time to read these lines of love in Christ to you, and that you write a few lines to me to let me know how you are doing during this stressful time of pestilence and plague. I only ask for a few words from your heart to mine. [You can comment here or email me ]

May His peace and love abound in and through your heart and on out into the world,



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9 responses to “Open Letter to the Body of Christ

  1. Sara Carran

    You are not alone. We are blessed to have you and your words of understanding. Thank you for being a faithful servant of God, using the gifts of writing He has given to you to help others along their spiritual path. God bless you Wayneman;-) I love you.

  2. Tis true none of us who walk in the Spirit are alone. God is ever faithful. I am painfully aware of the fear and anger swirling like a dust storm in these Divided States, which drives me even deeper to live life deliberately as an ambassador of The Truth in a world filled with lies. Be blessed. Slan go foill…so long for now, see you in Heaven.

  3. Nelia Louw

    Dear Kenneth I always enjoy your writings and love your encouragement. It is indeed a dark time we live in and I am hoping that this first wave of evil will start subsiding soon for us to catch a breather. I know that these waves will only become bigger and more intense over the next ten years. I pray to Father to keep us in the palm of His hand. Protected spiritually, physically and mentally. I pray that He will make His presence known to you too, in what I know you also experience to be a very very lonely journey. But He carries us through. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute even at times May God bless you. And in the midst of it all, stir our excitement for what HE is doing.


    • Thank you for the comment. Nice to hear from you. It is encouraging that nothing can derail God’s plan for us all and for this old planet. May God bless you richly. KWH

  4. Ruth

    I too feel the weight of the journey and can’t help but feel some trepidation at the dark clouds gathering for the storm that is coming. I keep telling myself that He is Sovereign, and that this storm is part of His plan to press us. Just like Christ at Gethsemane, we must be pressed in the olive press, so that His Spirit that lives within us is released to bless creation – which groans waiting for the sons of God to be revealed. He must increase, I must decrease. I still see so much of me, but again, I remember it’s His Plan to burn away my chaff. Thank you for your writings, and especially this one that reminds me I’m not alone.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with everything you wrote. I especially like the analogy of the oil pressed out of the fruit of the olive tree. It is the sufferings of Christ and now us, for we are His body. There is a storm coming, one born of darkness and despair for mankind. But we have the Captain at our helm. With His Helper, the Spirit of truth, we will get to the other side. It was nice to hear from you. So glad this article was helpful. Wayneman

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