When God First Touched You

Perhaps it was a dream, slumber’s nectar of knowledge, when you first realized that God was real. You knew that experience had to be from Him and not from your then paltry spiritual pantry. For at that time, you were empty and vacant with little sustenance to call upon.

And then He touched your aching heart in His own way, a touch created just for you in your then present state. And you’ve longed for that special moment in time that it might return, when He floods your corners of doubt with the brilliant light of that original epiphany.

Yes, you want that back. You have been waiting. But it has been years now since that first contact. And you get to wondering: “I’ve been waiting for Him to contact me again.”

Perhaps the ball is in our court, and it is time for us to return His serve. We are to “come before His presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise to Him with psalms.”

Maybe it is time for us to make contact and show Him our gratitude for Him reaching out to us in dreams, visions, revelations, and epiphanies.

What was your experience when God first touched you, when you knew He was real? Please share it in the comments. Kenneth Wayne Hancock



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2 responses to “When God First Touched You

  1. Doug Mc Clintock

    If we could have captured that ‘moment” in time when Jesus came into our lives, I would liked to have put it in a glass jar with a lid so I would not lose it ! And every time you passed by, you would see it.
    But Jesus coming into your life is not like that, I find out I have a new master, you cannot serve two masters, you will hate the one and serve the other !
    Jesus captures our mind, our thinker and a new direction in life. It is so new you, you start growing and become a babe in Christ sucking up the sincere milk of the Word. As we grow spiritually we start on the meat of the Lord.
    It’s a life long task, with our human mind to capture and keep and letting it grow !
    Jesus coming into our lives is a spiritual birthday ! Born once from our mom and dad and now with the Holy Spirit’s leading, we move on to a higher level !
    You cannot come to the Father, unless you have been born again from Jesus Christ !
    Thankyou Lord for giving a life worth living to me !
    My body may crumble but my mind is growing every day because of your ne Touch !

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