The Vision of His Promise Seen through Spiritual Eyes


When God speaks of “vision,” He is talking about seeing what He sees. The vision that God talks about in His word is the ability to see His plan and purpose. It is seeing what He has set in motion, which is prologue to his present and future doings.

Only those who have been “born from above” will be able to “see the Kingdom of God” (John 3:3-5). So, the vision that God speaks of is one being able to see His Kingdom and His government. And after seeing it, entering it (John 3: 3-5).

This government of God will replace all of man’s governments that we have been subjected to. This is the overriding theme of the Bible. Righteousness and justice will be universally attained through Christ’s reign. 1,000 years of peace will ensue under His rule. He will be the Joy of nations and the long-awaited bringer of…

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