“Love Makes Known the Plan of God”

[Please read the whole article. It’s just four minutes. “Mysteries of the Kingdom” await you, “things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world,” things that will change your life (Matt. 13:35).]

We know that God is Love and God is Light. Therefore, Love is Light. Since light makes things known, then Love makes manifest as well. Love sheds light on what and who God is. Where agape love is present, the Spirit of Love makes God known. We see God when we see love–true selfless love from above, as we see in Christ’s laying down His life for His friend [1].

Christ said, “I am the light of the world.” In this He was saying, Through my life, death, and life-after-death, I make known the Father’s purpose and plan of reproducing Love. If you believe in Me and the love that I showed when I laid my life down for you, then that same Spirit of Love will engender in you a new life that will, in turn, enlighten others who now sit in darkness. He will give us His own Spirit of love. Consequently, we will become the light of the world because He will be living His life through us, His body [2].

In a word, in a seed thought, God is Love. He is the greatest thing in the universe. Everyone will agree. All the poets and writers of song down through the ages confirm that Love–selfless love–is a divine thing and that it should be emulated by mankind.

Man knows this, even down into his DNA. He knows that he should love his fellow man. The truth is that God created him to be the “glory of God.” Man is designed to contain the Spirit of Love, which is God. Man was created as a temple for the Spirit of Love (God) to dwell in. Man knows that this kind of love is what we should strive for [3].

We are moved by the soldier who fell on a grenade to save the lives of his buddies, or the stranger who died in a house fire saving a little child. And millions are touched by the selfless love shown by our Savior on the cross.

God is Love and is the greatest and most powerful thing in the universe. And because Love by its very nature shares with others and gives, God could not but create a plan to share Himself with His creation.

He purposed it and being all-powerful was able to implement His purpose and plan of duplicating and reproducing Himself. He planned this all out in His mind. He thought it into existence. Thoughts are comprised of words that occupy first His mind. And He has given us the power to think His very same thoughts. First we must have the knowledge of the thoughts about His purpose and plan. Then we must choose to surrender our restless minds to His thoughts. When we start thinking His thoughts, then “the peace that passes all understanding” will come upon us.

His purpose is to reproduce Himself, to reproduce Love throughout His entire creation. He is the Seed of Love that will reproduce itself. He became the Seed, which is the Word, which is the Logos, which is comprised of the thoughts of His Mind. And this “Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” His plan was to pour this reproductive energy into a human vessel that could “fall into the ground and die” and through the resurrection, would “bring forth much fruit” at the harvest.  The much fruit is the thousands of manifested sons that will sit as kings with Him on His throne upon His return to this earth.

Those that overcome all things in this era have a royal destiny. They are chosen; they are elected by God for this honor. They do respond; they do study and pray that they be counted worthy for this honor, but it is all through His grace. For it is God that gives them the strength and power to continue against the gainsayers, the unbelievers, the worldly, and the ones with precious little faith. God gives them the determination to get up and face the spiritual enemy who lurks in the halls of minds. God helps their unbelief and sees them through to the finish line.

For they serve their great invisible Father Yahweh, who resides in His Son, who is the Head of the body of an organism called the church. And when this vision becomes as crystal in their hearts and minds, they will realize that all scriptures that pertain unto Christ pertain unto them, for they are His body. When we abide in Him, the scriptures speak of us.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  1.   I John 1: 5; I John 4: 8; Eph. 5: 13
  2.  John 8: 12; John 15: 13; Matt. 5: 14; Col. 1: 18
  3. I Cor. 11: 7; I Cor. 3: 16, 6: 19


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11 responses to ““Love Makes Known the Plan of God”

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    For those who want to grow spiritually…

  2. This was so Beautifully written, and gives much hope to the body of Christ! Be Blessed Always.

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  4. Didn’t God say I loved Jacob but Hated Esau? How many times in the Bible does God say Love vs how many times he says Hate?

    • Please illuminate your point. I would like to know your point of view. Check out these articles for more info on “hate.” https://immortalityroad.wordpress.com/?s=hate

      • Are you aware of the two seedline doctrine? Yahweh hated Esau for mor then race-mixing, look at King David and Yahweh still blessed him; so maybe Esau was of the same seedline as Cain?

      • I have heard the two seedline doctrine. It is clear that two lines issue out of the Genesis 3:15-16 account. Yahweh speaks directly to the serpent, as did Yahshua the Christ when He spoke to the Pharisees [“You are of your father the devil…John 8:44-45… Yahweh says that there shall be an “enmity” “between thy seed and her (the woman’s) seed.” Definitely there are two seed lines.

        Yahshua makes that very plain in explaining the Parable of the Wheat and Tares (Matt. 13:24-30). First, the good seed was planted. Then an enemy (enmity) sowed tares in the field. They are to grow together until the harvest. All parables are “things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world” (v. 35). And then He explains the “dark saying.” The good seed are the “children of the kingdom and the tares are the children of the wicked one.” The harvest is the end of the world system as we know it. There is much more on this parable but, point being, we see another witness of the two seedlines.

        Esau: I do not have any scriptural proof that Esau himself was the physical son of Cain. He certainly was spiritually. I know he married strange wives. I would have to research and study more on it…If Esau married a Kenite, then his offspring would have Cain’s seedline. Interesting. Thanks for the comment. kwh

  5. I should have read your essay God hates certain things…And certain people, great message 😊

  6. Thank you all for all the “likes” for this article. God bless you always. kwh

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