The Time of the End–Last Act of God’s Play

Every war waged on the battlefields of this blood-stained earth, every government’s shady dealings in back rooms with the super-rich, every sober gathering of this world’s elite as they plot out the next step to One World Government, and every humble gathering of God’s people who are concerned with the above–everything has led us to the final act in the performance of The Play that the Creator is staging.

The Final Act of The Play

The final act written by the Author of the Book of Life is soon to be finished.  It stars the Creator Himself as the protagonist, that glorious and righteous Spirit-of-Love clothed in His heavenly spiritual body.  He is known in the English speaking world as Jesus Christ, and in Hebrew His name is Yahshua [meaning “Yah Is Savior” in Hebrew].  The climax of The Play happens during this final act, which is known as the “time of the end” of this present evil world system.

In it we see the the prince of darkness as the antagonist, with every advantage, who goes about deceiving the whole world and almost everyone in it.  He is an invisible spirit, “the prince of the power of the air,” who enters into the minds of humans, tempting them to do evil things.  And he has tricked all but a select few into believing him that he is the “Peace-giver” and not Christ–that he is the savior of the world.

The Leader of the One World Government

Satan will dwell fully in the antagonist, who is known by many names in scripture: the Anti-Christ, the Deceiver of the brethren, the devil, the Beast, et al.  He is the counterfeit Christ, come to save the world from itself, for in the final act, wars, famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid collisions and more shall plague the earth, according to the script of The Play, written in the Book of Life, found in the Bible.

So the whole world will “wonder after” this handsome, cosmopolitan leader of the One World Government, this New World Order.  He will be a sweet talker, with honeyed lips and candied words couched in viral smiles and will schmooze his way into the hearts of the masses.

Many have been his prototype: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, the many Popes who still hold the old pagan title Pontifice Maximus, Napoleon, Hitler, and now those in our day who call for, or who are sympathetic with the NWO and its One Word Government.

We are living in the end time!  I knew about this some forty years ago, but then it was in the mists of the future, like looking back into the mists of the past.  It was covered up, difficult to get information on.  We called it a conspiracy, but now its actions are done in the open.  They are blatant and audacious, for they believe that because of the apathy of the masses, they will succeed.  It is stunning to see it go that way so rapidly.

The Climax

This is the setting for the climax in which Satan’s government will fall, smashed to pieces by Christ’s “stone kingdom,” the Kingdom (Government) of Heaven.

Christ will bring down this evil worldly empire in a spectacular way.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the LORD, I will repay.”  He will use his hidden army of heavenly projectiles, the asteroids, to smash into the earth, destroying the super-rich’s plans for world domination.  This is God’s secret weapon; you can read all about it in Revelation 8 and 9.

We all know now that civilizations would be ruined by just one asteroid impact.  Movies and documentaries have given us a preview of coming events written in the prophecies.

The Unveiling of God’s Sons and Daughters

These disasters will set the final scene of the final act of  The Play.  It is during these horrible happenings that God brings forth on the earth His royal treasure–His sons and daughters.  These are redeemed from among mortal man.  These at this time will be revealed to the suffering inhabitants of the world as His progeny, His handiwork, the culmination of His patience.  For they are His offspring, the results of His reproductive process–His reproducing Himself!

Unbelievable?  “With God all things are possible.”  “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

These will be His rulers in the new government that He will set up literally in the earth in the aftermath of the destruction of the evil world system.  They are the crowning creative act of the Holy One.  They are the epitome of His eternal purpose.  And they will be the key players in the New Play that He will produce and direct in the next age.                                                                           Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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