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Untraceable: A Movie Review with a Christian Perspective

   Let’s see.  You take a computer wiz with a grudge against a society that he feels doesn’t care.  Then watch the geek’s hatred transform himself into a serial torturer/murderer/exhibitionist.  Yes, he puts the horror live on his website for all the world to see.  The catch?  The more the masses clamor to see the victims writhing in agony, the quicker the death comes.

     The killer says to one of his victims, “I’m not killing you.  The people clicking on to the website are to blame.  If no one wanted to view your death, then you wouldn’t be dying today.”  The cruel madman seems to take more of a sadistic pleasure in implicating society in the murders than the killings themselves.

     Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh, a recently widowed FBI cyber-agent who tracks down internet criminals, and, of course, gets heavily involved in this particular case.

En route to the predictable ending, we must endure three slow, gruesome murders.  We viewers of this movie are not alone for 15,000,000 people in the movie click on and view it with us as we see the counter rushing the poor victims to oblivion.

     I was reminded of the gruesome games during the era of the Roman Empire.  Christians and other innocents were fed to the lions in the Colliseum and other venues.  The Roman citizens were guilty of the blood of these martyrs, for they gawked and cheered and revelled at the slaughter.  And yet, I am sure that if they had been asked about the spectacle as they strolled home, the Romans would protest their innocence.  Reading the emails of those who watched the live streaming video of these deaths, one got the same thought.

     Untraceable.  The killer thought that his deeds were undetectable.  He worked diligently at covering his cybertracks.  He put up an effective front, slipping back into “normal” society when convenient.  He was the ultimate hypocrite and deceiver.

     “The heart is deceitfully wicked above all things; who can know it?” the prophet asks, knowing the old heart of natural man.  Many humans think that their thoughts and deeds are untraceable and undetectable, hidden from the eyes of the Creator.  Because people cannot see the invisible Spirit God, they think that He can’t see them.  It’s the ultimate self-projection and self-delusion.  In their lofty imaginations, they think that He can’t see them do their shameful selfish acts.

     But all will “give an account of every idle word,” for God “is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  And we’ll all stand before Him someday to answer for all the deeds done in our body, which actually is designed by Him to be His temple, His residence.  For some, there will great weeping and gnashing of teeth while those who got right with Him through the “death of self” will shine as the sun.

     Untraceable?  No.  Our deeds and thoughts are most detectable.  We humans cannot hide from the eyes of God.                        Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Heirs of God–His Vision for Us

     “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  So goes the wise proverb.  But it is not just any vision for our lives that ultimately rescues us.  It is the vision that our Creator has for us that will serve as the spiritual Rock and Foundation upon which to build our lives.

     His vision for us?  Nothing less than, as His offspring, to be His heirs and beacons of the Light that He is.  His purpose from all eternity is to fully pour Himself out into us His children–that we “might be filled with all the fulness of God” (Eph 3:19). 

     He sees us having His mind and thinking His thoughts.  We are mere vessels, clay vases and cups, fired through the trials of our stay on earth.  And He the Great Potter at the Wheel of Eternity, fires us, proves us, and eventually through much patience, fills us with Himself–until “Chist be all in all.” 

     But not that we should be a Dead Sea with no outflow.  No.  But so that He can pour Himself out of us.  And that water, His Spirit, will become springs of everlasting love, joy, and peace, poured out on the thirsty ground.  We are to let the “love from above flow down and through” us to others (See post “Love from Above–Down and Through”).

      That is God’s vision for us.  That is a special calling.  And now He waits for us to arouse ourselves out of slumber and arise from the dead–arise from the vanity of thoughts that do not share His vision for us. 

     We here in the USA are greatly blessed.  Our founding fathers carved out a place where we can be free to pursue these heavenly ideals.  We have come historically from a long line of Christians–from the first Pilgrims who landed in 1620 to “establish the kingdom of God on this earth” down through many rekindlings of His Spirit.  It is now our responsibility, as possibly the last generation to walk this earth before He comes back, to awake to His vision for us, knowing that we “are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,” and that we should now “show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvellous light (I Peter 2:9).          Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Sons of God, Daughters of God–His Princes and Princesses

     We who have been born from above have become the “children of God” or the sons and daughters of God.  For we “have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15).  And we know that our Father is the “King of glory.”  And we know that the sons and daughters of a king are princes and princesses. 

     We, then, as His children, are the princes and princesses of the Kingdom of God.  This is how God looks at us!  And so now we should look at each other with the love and respect given to an heir to the throne of the King.  In fact, this is our major responsibility as children of the King–to “let the love of God be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit” that dwells within us.

     Look–the most practical way that God has of loving humankind on an everyday basis is through us, His princes and princesses.  If we are truly His children, then we will put away all of the selfish pettiness and start loving each other.  And if we have a tough day where the love is stopped up and can’t get flowing, we’ll call on Him and ask Him to melt our hearts and get that love from above flowing again.

     His princes and princesses will lead out by example.  They will exemplify their Father’s personality traits.  They will be faithful ambassadors of Him, showing the world the Love that God is.  They will stride forth matter-of-factly, shining forth as “lights in the midst of the selfish darkness. 

     And those that sit in darkness will look up from the mundane mire and see this light shining into their dark world of no-love.  They will see and hear and feel this light of love-from-above, and they at first will not comprehend it.  But as we keep shining, eventually they will awaken out of the night-slumber and will seek the light of love themselves.

     This is our calling.  He has chosen us for this.  It is His vision for our life here on this earth.  For really, we are his hands and feet; we are his arms and his legs; we are His body here on earth, and He is our head.  And we are beginning to know His mind, His will, and His wishes.  And we are in His mind, for He sees us as His princes and princesses!                                                           Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

     Upon coming to the stark realization that we have been duped and deceived–especially in the deeper matters of the heart–we tend to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water.  How could I have been such a fool? we ask ourselves, and then we turn our back on the offending entity.

     Burned by a woman, a man can become bitter and cynical towards women in general, looking at the entire gender as if they all were like the one that hurt him.  Of course, it can work both ways.

     The same scenario can happen in a religious sense.  It happened to me.  I was raised by a mother who took me to church and taught me Bible verses.  Mom and Dad took us to church.  But the things spoken by the preacher–those things of hope, love, and joy in God–these things were not happening in my home life.  Dad and Mom could not get along.  The fussing and fighting led to a divorce.

     The brunt of all this came crashing down on me at 11 years of age.  “Uh, son.  Your mother is leaving today with your sister.  We are going to leave it up to you.  Which one of us do you want to live with?

     “What?”  I stood there in shock.  Just yesterday, my name was in the newspaper on top of the standings, the Little League Baseball’s leading hitter–the batting champ!  Known and loved by all.  And now my Mom is moving out and I’ve got to choose which one to be loyal to basically.  I mean, this is 1958, for crying out loud.  It’s supposed to be like a Leave it to Beaver type family.

     So I looked at Mom, standing there clutching my 8 year old sister, and I looked at Dad, standing there resolute, firm-jawed, justified in his ossified stand, and not wanting Dad to be alone, I chose to stay with Dad.

     And that was the last time I went to a church house for several years.  Ten years later at 21, right after I got back from Vietnam, I started in earnest my quest for the truth–about God, about world affairs, about everything–but I did not go back to the denominational churches.  I turned first to the major Eastern religions.  But I did not find in them what I knew was true even then, in that the old self had to die.  The old nature that we are born with was selfish and it needed to go.  But nowhere in the Eastern religions is this problem directly addressed.

     I began to drift into nihilism’s abyss of nothingness, and had the sickening thought that the truth was this: that there was no absolute truth. 

     And it was then when I was 24, that I was invited to a Christian meeting in a home.  And the man teaching from the Bible quoted Romans 6:6.  “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Christ…”  And I stopped him right there and asked, “Is it talking about getting rid of the old self–about the old ego dying?”

     And he said, yes, that it has already died on the cross with Christ along with all its sins and sinning nature.  And if you believe in Christ’s resurrection in you, you can be raised to walk in a newness of life.

     And I went, Wow!  This is life changing.  This is what I’ve been searching for.  And that very day started a 14 year missionary period in my life. 

     I see now that for those ten years I had turned my back on Christianity and the Bible, blaming God for my misery.  I had thrown out the baby (Christ) with the bathwater (my pain).   But God is merciful and loving and forgiving, and He led me back to Him.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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