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Origins of Christmas Season Found in “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT”

“MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” is referred to as the woman, which is a symbol of a false religious system.  This mother church system has an identifier in the scriptures.  This is a tag that tells us about her.  She has a “name written in her forehead.”  Names in scripture tell what the person or thing is—what its roots are, what its core values are.  A name in scripture tells us its origin, its reason to be, and its destiny.  This name written in her forehead means that her mind is full of what her name implies.  Her heart and mind is full of what her name means. And her name was “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” (Rev. 17:5).  Her name is given all in capital letters to signify its great importance to us.

First, this church’s name is a “MYSTERY.”  The masses who wonder after the world system are in the dark.  The origin of the political and religious systems of the earth is a mystery to them.  A mystery is a “who done it?”  The passive masses are in the dark about the characters and their roles in the drama happening on the world stage.

The second part of her name is “BABYLON THE GREAT.”  This term is a mystery also.  The first thing that comes to mind is the ancient city of Babylon, the capital of the Babylonian Empire in what is today Iraq.  This great city, described by the Greek historian Herodotus, was so grand in its day that its Hanging Gardens was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

But what’s the old city of Babylon’s connection to the name of the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17:5? Why is this old city’s name a part of the name of the false religious system that persecutes the true followers in the last days?

The answer lies in the fact that the religious system of the ancient city of Babylon has passed itself on down through the centuries to our day.  History teaches us that the Near East’s fertile crescent spawned a mystery religion with its birthplace in Babylon.  It was there that Nimrod became prominent.  He was the son of Cush, the grandson of Ham, and the great grandson of Noah.  “He began to be a mighty one in the earth.  “He was a mighty hunter before YHWH: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before YHWH.  And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel {Gr. Babylon}” (Genesis 10: 8-10).  This religion was passed on down to pagan Rome.  {Even the Catholic Bible admits in a footnote on Rev. 17: 5 that “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” is pagan Rome!  Read it here http://www.newadvent.org/bible/rev017.htm }

And one of these ancient pagan traditions that not only has survived, but has thrived today is Christmas.  People all over the world celebrate this holiday, not knowing of its tainted origin and of its pagan roots.

This brings us to the whorish woman’s name: “MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”  This false church is a mother church.  Who did she give birth to?  The law of harvest states, Each seed bears its own kind.  Those organizations who practice and adhere to the mother’s doctrines and traditions are by nature her offspring—daughters of the mother church. And one of pagan Babylon’s strongest traditions is the winter solstice season’s Saturnalia/Christmas.  And yet, the whole world wonders after it, believing that it is the greatest time of year, not know at what they marvel.

Yet I do not condemn anyone who celebrates it.  I once did, too.  But I wanted the truth at all costs, and when this part of the truth came, I had to make a stand to forego the holiday.  It makes waves in the family, for they will not understand at first.  All my kids are grown now, and they do understand the stand I made.  And all those who are pressing “on for the high calling” of sonship and daughtership of God–they will make a stand for truth.  The princes and princesses of God will realize that the truth is Him.  He, the Son of God is the Truth. That realization will put every thing else into perspective.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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YAHWEH Is the Name of God, States the Catholic Bible

Even the Catholic New American Bible says that YAHWEH is the name of God.  Catholic biblical scholars even witness to us that YAHWEH is His name!

God is calling Moses to go down to Egypt to deliver the children of Israel.  Moses says, But when they ask me what is God’s name, what do I tell them?   And God tells him, quoting from Exodus 3: 14, “‘I am who am.’  Then He added, ‘This is what you shall tell the Israelites: I AM sent me to you.'”

The footnote in this Catholic bible for this verse reads: “I am who am: apparently this utterance is the source of the word Yahweh, the proper personal name of the God of Israel.”  There it is.  These fifty Catholic scholars who translated this version of the Bible know what God’s personal name is, and yet, the masses remain unenlightened.

And why do the vast majority of professing Christians remain in the dark about this crucial knowledge–knowledge so important that Moses made it a sticking point to make sure he knew the name of this God who was sending him?  It is because they do not “dig deep and lay their house upon the rock.”  The knowledge necessary to be a future son or daughter of God is out there.  Even the Catholics in their bible state it in plain English.  

No Excuse for Not Knowing God as “Yahweh”

And many professing Christians will be left out in the cold when Christ asks them on judgement day, ‘You say you know God.  So what is my Father’s name?  You mean you don’t even know His name?  Why didn’t you seek out knowledge that was there for you?’   And they will mutter, ‘But my pastor never preached about God’s name.’  Then Christ will no doubt just shake His head and point them to their place of shame out of His presence.  That will be a sad day.

But there is no need for that.  We all who aspire to follow Christ must do what He said to do.  “Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened.  Ask and it shall be given.”  We have no excuse, and He will accept none on that day.  

Keep seeking His truth.  Keep on knocking, knocking on His door.  If you don’t have an urgency, ask Him specifically, and He will give it to you.  He loves us.  But keep asking, for He will delay His answer to you to test you to see if you are for real, for He “tries the reins and hearts.”  But don’t give up.  Cry out for the living water, for His Spirit.  But His Spirit will only come down into a dry and thirsty heart, a heart who knows its need for Him.  For He is only sent to the spiritually hungry and destitute, to the broken-hearted, to the humble.       Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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