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Conversations With the Seer–How Do I Get Closer to God?

(Formerly in Israel, if a man went to inquire of God, he would say, “Come, let us go to the seer,” because the prophet of today used to be called a seer. I Samuel 9: 9)

I asked the Seer, “How do I get closer to God?”

And he said, “You’ve got to ask Him to take you to that place–that special place where He dwells, where we can commune with Him.

“What is that place you speak of?”

“It is in a corner of His kingdom where He rules and reigns.  It’s in a spiritual world, invisible to mortal eyes.”

“It sounds very mystical and mysterious to  me.”

“All true seekers must by definition be mystics.  For they believe that it is possible to transcend our first estate as humans and finally become one with the Higher Power.  That is their goal, their hope, their belief.  And so it has been throughout the ages.  Philosophers, prophets, and sages of every ilk the world over have known that a spirit world exists.  They knew that a spiritual place apart from our five senses is out there somewhere–a place where the unexplained things intrigue the mind of man.  There are many ways that seem right, but only one way leads to the celestial home, and that is Christ.  He is the way to that special place.  He and He alone is able to take us by the hand and lead us to where we want to be.”

“I want to get there, but how do I?”

“It is not a physical place that we can travel to and enter, like a concrete city with its buildings of brick, mortar, stone, and colored glass.  Nor is it where the ocean’s waves lap at our ears with its endless breath.  Nor is it in the green cathedral forest, where the congregants stand erect, lifting their verdant arms up to the light blue ceiling, listening to the crunch of our footsteps and the whispers of our wonder at being in their presence.  No, this is not the special place where God will meet us.”

“Where is that place then?”

“It is that quiet country that spreads forth its boundless plain  in another dimension where God dwells.  Because He is an invisible Spirit, to experience His presence, we must finally come to that special place.”  It was as if the Seer was speaking in riddles.  The words, separated from each other, made sense, but when strung together, they spoke of something inviting, but covered in a fine mist.

I finally said, “I’m reminded of a line in that song, I really want to see You, Lord, but it takes so long, my Lord.”

“Yes, that sums up nicely the soul of the seeker, how we all feel, or have felt.  To our finite mind, time is slow. That inkling of a ray of the light of truth that we glimpsed when we were twenty may not be fully illuminated until we are sixty.  The knowledge that we need to love others, for instance, and not our selfish selves, may come to us when we are young, but how to incorporate the love-from-above into living takes time.  We must learn to forgive, appreciate, and in so doing, love others in all their human frailties.  This may take a lifetime.  And it is this needed patience on our part that shipwrecks hope.”

“I do want to be a loving human being.”

“Of course, you do.  But before being comes doing, and before doing comes knowing.  Knowledge comes first.”

“What knowledge are you speaking of exactly?”

“First, knowledge of the Creator’s plan and purpose must be attained.  Then we must get knowledge as to how we corrupt humans fit into that plan and purpose.  We must realize that we are special to Him.  We are ‘the apple of His eye.’  We are in and have been in His thoughts before time was ever stretched and measured out over the earth.  We are blessed for we know that plan.”

“What is His plan for us?”

“The teeming masses swarm to the latest thing that will tickle their greed or assuage their fear, and most, alas, will not come to the knowledge that God has created them for one major purpose: He wants to reproduce Himself in us!  While the majority of humans plod their own path or someone else’s path, He is quietly calling out a few with plans to transform them into vessels that will display Himself.  That is what His ultimate purpose is about.   All those who get on board with what He is doing, will be at peace, for they will be on the same page as the Great One.”   KWH   [To be continued…Let your thoughts be heard; make a comment.  To read more go to my books here http://yahwehisthesavior.com/unveiling.htm ]


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