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“Woe to the Pastors That Destroy My Sheep”–The Sermon You Won’t Hear on Sunday Morning [Conversations With the Seer] Part I

“Why won’t you hear this message on Sunday morning?” I asked the Seer.  He had mentioned in passing the day before, that chapter 23 in Jeremiah would never serve as a text for a pastor.

The Seer looked at me as if needing to see a sufficient amount of sincerity in the question.  And seeing it, he said, “It is not because the words are unintelligible.  The word from the LORD (Yahweh) that the prophet Jeremiah wrote down is extremely clear, brought to us in a very simple unadorned style of English.  When the Spirit says, ‘Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith Yahweh,’ the words are straightforward and plain.”

“But why won’t they preach it.”

“It’s because the message is not for God’s sheep in the pews but for the pastors, preachers, and priests themselves.  It is a woe pronounced on them by the God they say they are serving!”

“No wonder they won’t go there.”

“They are not about to.  Remember when our Master, the Anointed One Himself, said, ‘By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned'”?


“If they preach this message, their words will fall like a sword of judgement upon their own necks.”

“Why?  What is God’s beef with them?”

The Seer opened the front of the cast iron wood heater, exposing the bright orange coals that lay pulsating in the bottom.  He stirred the coals with a rod of iron, picked up two four inch logs and threw them in.  Shutting the door, he said, “In order to understand the message to the pastors, we need to know just who their congegrants are.  For God’s controversy with them has to do with how they have done His people in the pews.  For, you see, God has a chosen people.  They are the descendants of the twelve sons of the patriarch Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel.  He was the grandson of Abraham and the son of the patriarch Isaac.  The offspring of his twelve sons grew into twelve tribes and became the great 12-tribed Kingdom of Israel under King David and Solomon.

“But they split into two different kingdoms around 975 B.C.–the Kingdom of Judah with two of  the tribes–Judah and Benjamin–at Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Israel made up of the other ten tribes with Samaria as their capital.  Later in c. 721 B.C. the Kingdom of Israel was carried away captive into Assyria and lost their identity as the children of Israel and God’s chosen people.  These are the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” that Christ (Yahshua) said He was sent to, and that the apostles wrote to in James 1:1, Hebrews, and Acts 9: 15.  The citizens of the Kingdom of Judah came to be called “Jews” over a hundred years later (II Kings).  They were led captive into Babylon around 600 B.C. It is the way the religious leaders over the centuries have treated these people that God is angry about.”

“Are you talking about the Jews?”

“No, the Jews are not the ‘Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’  Think about it for a minute.  The Jews were never ‘lost.’  They have always been known and recognized wherever they have gone.  And they came from only the two tribes and not the ten tribes of the Kingdom of Israel.”

Now the Seer really had me.  “So who are these lost sheep of the House of Israel?” I asked.

“Studying the prophecies given over the 12 tribes by Jacob/Israel and Moses in Genesis and Deuteronomy, the only nations that can fulfill them are the countries of Western Europe, the British Isles and their ex-colonies, and the USA.  No other countries can measure up to the overwhelming blessings given to them in scripture.  The Master said, “You will know a tree by its fruit.  And so it is with nations and prophecies.”

“So, God’s problem with the pastors concerns their relationship with the peoples you have just mentioned?”

“Exactly.  Without the background and back story, the message to the pastors in Jeremiah 23 will not be understood by the unenlightened.”

“So, what does Yahweh have against the pastors of His people?”

“You have scattered my flock, driven them away, and not visited them” (v. 2).  Yahweh holds them responsible for what has happened to His flock.  How are they responsible?  They have prophesied lies to the people.  They have taught them after the imaginations of their own hearts and they have not heard from God.  They have taught false doctrines [v. 16].  They tell the people that no evil will come upon them; they will be raptured out before the endtime bad things start to happen–the fall of the one world system.  But that is a lie.

“In fact, when a scripture does not agree with what they have been taught in seminary, they try to explain it away.  Like this very chapter.  They will say, ‘Oh, this was written for Jeremiah’s day, 2,600 years ago.  That is ancient history and not for our day.”  But that very thought is one of the lies God warns us of in the chapter.  And He goes on in verse 20 and tells us that this message against the pastors is for our very day!  For ‘in the latter days you shall consider it perfectly.’  And we all know that the ‘latter days’ are the last of the “last days.”  That should not need much explanation.

“So God has a huge beef, a vehement controversy with all pastors, priests, preachers, and so-called prophets, and all those who claim that they have heard from God and speak for Him.  Better have the truth and no false doctrines.  And God really let’s His thoughts against them be known in this chapter.  This is why you won’t hear this preached anywhere.  It is too convicting.” [To be continued]


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“Which Art in Heaven”–God’s from Above, Not Beneath

Our Father is the God of heaven, not born of the imagination of earthly man.  This is what we are to take away from the words in the Lord’s prayer, “Which art in heaven.”  There are “gods many, but for us there is only one God.”  These “gods many” are conjured up by natural unregenerated man–“cunningly devised fables,” false conceptions of Christ. 

And the masses are deceived.  “Satan deceives the whole world.”  How can he do that?  “For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness” (II Cor. 11:14-15). 

Wait a minute.  Paul has just said that Satan will come as a messenger of truth and light by having ministers, pastors, and preachers bringing forth sermons about Christ and His righteousness!  Satan’s ministers will be preaching Christ in the last days.  But it will not be the true “gospel of the kingdom of heaven.”  It will be “another gospel” other than the one that apostle Paul preached.  It will not be from heaven, but from beneath. 

It will be a gospel concocted by the vain imaginations of natural thinking men.  It will be based on “what God can do for you,” and not “what God can do through your vessel.”  They will claim to be His servants, but at the end, He will say, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity.  I never knew you.”  You wanted prosperity instead of Me. You wanted your spin on the end time and not My timetable.  You wanted a rapturously easy way out of the hard times ahead and not “to endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ.” 

This false gospel from beneath will emanate from an “earthly, sensual, and devilish” wisdom and not from heaven above.  This false gospel will spout “in Jesus’ name” but their hearts will be far from the God of Heaven and His heart. 

This false gospel comes in many colors and flavors.  Most people shop around until they find a church with their kind of “Jesus” in it.  Most depend on the pastor to do their studying for them.  Few dig deep and “prove all things” with the Spirit’s help. This false gospel of Jesus is not from our Father, which is in heaven.  It is not from above, but from beneath. {Note: Church is a waystation only on our pilgrimage to the Holy City.  We must eventually leave the waystation, grow out of it, etc.}

Our Father and His plan of reproducing Himself in His sons and daughters is from heaven, not from sinful man’s imagination of what they thought God meant.  No, our Father eminates from the finer spiritual dimension we call heaven.  He is far above the selfish, conniving imaginations of unspiritual man trying to be religious, leaning to his own understanding.

His thoughts are not our thoughts.  “It is a heavenly vision, a heavenly faith, a heavenly destiny, a heavenly plan, a heavenly purpose, a heavenly blueprint, a heavenly way, a heavenly thought of a heavenly Father, who is above all this on earth and is in us whom He has called” (http://www.yahwehisthesavior.com/sonsch8.htm).

We must keep this in mind in our communication to Him because He is “Our Father, which art in heaven.”  He’s from above and not from beneath.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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