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For Those Weaned from the Milk of the Word and Want the Meat

God’s great eternal plan is this: He is bringing many sons and daughters unto Himself.  They will do the ‘greater works’ that Christ promised some of His followers would do. 

  That is His purpose and plan, to multiply Himself.  After all, He is the Seed, the Word, made flesh, and falling into the ground and dying, and thereby bringing forth much fruit.  That is what the Son {the Father/Spirit Yahweh clothed in a human form} said, and He is the Seed.

Two things stand out on this quest for the truth.  First: Oneness, not a Trinitarian concept.  There is Father, yes, Son, yes, and Holy Spirit, but they are not three distinct persons.  In other words, there are not three of them sitting up there in the throneroom.  The Father is the Holy Spirit, and He is invisible, and He dwells now in the glorified heavenly body [I Cor 15: 35-50], which is our destiny upon His return to earth.

Second: Knowing His true name unlocks the door to answered prayer.  But just knowing that the God of the ancient Hebrew partriarchs was Yah or Yahweh and the Son Yahshua is not enough.  We must know what the names mean.  Utmost importance. 

Beware of this one thing:  Most who are finding out about the sacred names of God are being led away into “Hebrew roots movement.”  This is a trap because they are seduced away from the oneness of God;  they are taught that there is a ‘twinity’ and not a trinity.  They are also led away by teachers of the law.  Now this sounds noble and good, but we humans cannot work real hard to ‘keep the law’ and thereby be more accepted by God.  No.  We must die with Christ, receive a new heart and the Spirit, grow in grace, walk in His word, and grow up into the sons and daughters of God who will do the ‘greater works’ that the Savior Yahshua did!  This will not be done by very meticulous sincere people trying in their own strength to keep the laws of God.  The Law [10 commandments] ‘are not made for a righteous man, but the unrighteous.’  His Spirit in us is quite capable of keeping the law by us believing He can.  Faith.  It is elemental to our walk with Him…Just a heads up on your walk.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock….[for more read my books found here at the top of my blog].


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