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“This One Thing I Do”—Bearing “Much Fruit”

We are living in the “time of the end” spoken by Daniel the prophet. Things are getting bad as prophesied. For the masses, their Babylon based hopes and dreams will be consumed in the fires of God’s displeasure. However, out of the ashes will rise God’s body of sons and daughters who will do the “greater works” that Christ spoke of—greater miracles and signs than even what He did! Those are His words, not mine.

These sons and daughters are His elect, those that He has chosen out of the multitudes of His people scattered all over the planet. They are the first fruits unto the Father, the first to bear “much fruit.”

“Much fruit” of the Spirit is the goal and destiny that the Father Yahweh has set for them. They are to be the “saviors” that God will send as ambassadors to the furthest ends of the earth during the 1000 Year Reign of Christ. “And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S [Yahweh’s]” (Obad. 1:21). They will be emissaries of Christ the King. They will be strong and do exploits in the land (Dan. 11:32).

At present, very few know about these things, much less believe them. The eyes of the masses are held from perceiving. They sleep, but their eyes are open. They walk yet know not to where.  They speak, yet no one is listening. They cry with desert tears. For most, this vision of sonship is like a pretty melody at first hearing, but it soon fades away, dissipating into the breezes of forgetfulness.

Nevertheless, right now, a few of the elect chosen ones are crying in the wilderness. They are announcing their King’s soon arrival. They are sharing this vision of sonship, Christ’s vision of us bearing 100 fold fruit, which is the “much fruit” aforementioned (Matt. 13: 18-23). Bearing “much fruit” can only take place after first bearing “fruit” and then “more fruit” (John 15:1-5). It is a growth from a tiny seed of faith.

The High Calling

The sons and daughters are at this present time answering the “high calling.” They today are following the Spirit’s bidding. They follow the Lamb by walking in the Spirit (Phil. 3:12). Christ has chosen them; He has “apprehended” them for His purpose of magnifying the Spirit of Christ within them (Phil. 1:20).

Thus they must surrender to His will and lay down the natural burdens that plague them—the fears, the insecurities, the doubts as to the validity of their earthly dreams for their own little “lives of quiet desperation.” They must now lay aside all worldly acclaim and count it but loss, thus trading their pasts for an opportunity to know their Creator in all His glory.

They now must take on a singular view in this new life in Christ. “Old things are passed away…all things are become new” (II Cor. 5:17). To attain the spiritual growth of manifested sonship, they must forget the things of the past—both good and bad—and reach out to embrace the magnificent adventure of sonship and daughtership that awaits them.

The apostle Paul was clear on this. This reaching out, this stretching forth of our new hearts, is a surrendering to His pull. We are iron filings, and He is the magnet that draws us to Him. Our focal point is a burning desire to “know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings…” (Phil. 3:10).

Knowing Him has to be real to us. When we communicate with Him, it is like if Christ were in a hidden locale and we are talking to Him on the phone. And while we speak with Him, thanking Him for all He does for us and the rest of His body, we remember that He was dead for three days and three nights. Dead. And we are talking to Him in prayer because the power of the Almighty raised Him from the dead. He suffered and died and was resurrected. And through His sufferings and triumph over death, we have followed Him by baptism into His death. Our old sinful life is now dead, and His Spirit now dwells within our hearts (Rom. 6:3-11).

Notice how the Spirit through Paul writes, “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him…” (6:6). We’ve got to experience this in order to “know Him and the power of His resurrection.” [Brothers and sisters, you won’t hear this from preachers in pulpits. It is rare knowledge that the Spirit of truth is sharing with us.]

Those so drawn to “know Him” will begin to set priorities in their lives. And as they do, they will realize that everything on today’s to-do list is flimsy, non-consequential and superfluous. Then one day, “one thing” will rise to the top of the list. Again Paul was clear on this: “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling” (Phil. 3:13-14). In another version it reads, “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me…”

That One Thing

That one thing is a focused striving for spiritual growth, a yearning and pulsing forth to bear “much fruit.” It is a total leap of faith to grab ahold of the plow and not look back like Lot’s wife did. We are like that tiny blade of corn that has only one thing on its mind. It is striving and pushing up and up into the light. And to do this, the tiny blade of corn shoots down roots to assimilate necessary nutrients in order to grow and bear fruit. The one thing that it does is to fulfill its destiny, to bear grains of corn to be shared as food and to be planted in God’s garden. We are those grains of corn. “For if we have been planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection” (Rom. 6: 5).

To do this “one thing,” we must forget the past and then strive ahead to learn and grow toward this goal: Somebody is going to sit with Christ on His throne. That is the high calling. That is the prize. Christ has put it out there. It is not some figment of somebody’s imagination. It is going to happen to a few. The question is this: Will it be you and me?

Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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Disband the Police? Have Y’all Gone Mad?

What are you, nuts? Defund the police? That’s insanity! We saw what happened in Minneapolis when the police were ordered to flee the scene and not arrest the rioters. They burned down the precinct headquarters and scores of other buildings and businesses. With no police presence, complete chaos ensued—rioting, looting, arson, assaults, vandalism.

Disband the police? Are you crazy? If they ban the police, this is what will happen. Social tribes will form. On the left and right. In order to protect their homes, conservatives will become vigilantes. Somebody’s got to patrol the streets to protect our children and property.

With no law enforcement, existing gangs will become stronger and bolder. For an example, just look at El Salvador, and you will get a glimpse at what life would be like if you allow lawlessness to go unchecked. The citizens there are terrorized by the gangs. They cannot defend themselves because they do not have firearms. In the USA, we still have the right to bear arms. But that is next on their agenda—confiscating our guns.

The Answer

Getting rid of the police is utter madness. The question is this: Where did this insanity come from? Who put these insane thoughts into the radical left’s minds? The Bible is the source of truth. So I went there seeking an answer. The answer is surprising. The God of the Bible, the one true God of heaven, on many occasions sent madness upon the people. Yes, the LORD sent insanity. We don’t like to think that our Creator would do that. We wouldn’t. But then, our thoughts are not His thoughts, nor are our ways His.

So, why does He send insanity into the minds of people? He set before the people blessings and cursings. Blessings if they obeyed Him and cursings if they rejected Him. He promised blessings that would set us “on high above all nations of the earth…if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God” (Deut. 28:1-2). Great Britain and the USA once held that position with God. America use to be chaste and God fearing and polite and morally strong. But it has allowed the revolutionaries to take over our education system, our courts, and our culture. Yet, through it all, I know that there is a remnant, a small portion of we the people who lament the takeover of our Christian values as a nation. You know who you are. I salute you.

But as a nation, however, we have failed our Founder. We as a nation allowed international bankers and one world enthusiasts to commandeer our economic system. Now our currency is almost worthless compared to the true silver dollar that was in circulation until 1965.

We as a nation stood by and allowed Congress to legalize the killing of our unborn children. This killing of His own children is a stain that deeply blackens our national heart. We as a nation did not take to the streets by the millions over the abortion issue. They took away praying to the God of heaven at school. We as a nation did not protest en masse over that.

Our government’s armed forces have killed millions of people in unnecessary foreign wars. I saw gallons of blood in Vietnam. While there I asked everyone from the colonel on down why we were there. Nobody knew.

We as a nation have turned to pleasure as our guide and companion. We seek after the rush that our new god provides—Technology. The “whole world wondered after the beast”—the beast of technology and those who control it. What other movement in the earth has such a profound hold on the human imagination?

Because of these national sins against God and man, God promised to send curses upon His people. “However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you… The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind.  The LORD will send on you curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to…because of the evil you have done in forsaking him…(Deut. 28: 15, 28, 20; [really the whole chapter].

Wait a Minute

I know what some of you are thinking. That’s the Old Testament that’s been done away with. That is a wrong thought. They are the scriptures that the apostles and prophets and Christ Himself read and lived by. And these scriptures are quoted abundantly in the New Testament by the apostles and Christ. Furthermore, it was “the Spirit of Christ which was in them” (I Peter 1:11). Christ’s Spirit, living in the old prophets, did the writing. That is why the Old Testament is so important.

But some may ask, “What was done away with then?” After Christ’s shed blood, there was no need for the blood of animal sacrifices, which is only a type and shadow of the reality in Christ. All of the accouterments of old covenant worship has been done away. The Spirit of Christ’s love now writes our bylaws.

Don’t Think It Strange

Make no mistake. These people on the left who want to disband the police and bring in nihilistic anarchy are insane. But now we know what is happening. God’s hand is in it, since “we live, move and have our being in Him” (Acts 17: 28). Because of the sins of our nation, He has sent insanity into the minds of the powerful ruling class and those who follow them.

According to the Spirit of Christ coursing through the pen of Moses, God has smitten them with insanity and confusion. Why? Because they have turned their backs on our great King and Savior.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock



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Riots, Looting, and Terror on the Streets–A Christian Perspective

Millions are asking, “What is happening to our cities? Why all the destruction?

Thousands of rioters bashed in thousands of targeted windows and looted upscale neighborhoods with impunity. They terrorized the owners with violent assaults. They killed several law abiding citizens. They struck fear into hearts as they destroyed shops across the nation, and the police were nowhere to be found. They subdued the weak by destroying their livelihood. Thousands of businesses were looted and torched by anarchists.

Did you think I was talking about what happened to the cities of America last week? I was not.  These are notes taken from encyclopedias concerning Crystal Night 1938 in Germany. It was “crystal” because of the shards of broken glass from over 7500 destroyed establishments. The SA brownshirts, a large paramilitary group, destroyed those businesses in Germany.

Sound familiar? America has its own paramilitary group that did so much damage to America. They call themselves Antifa, which stands for anti-fascism, they say. That is a misnomer, for their deeds are just like the fascists. They are very sneaky; they infiltrated the thousands of peaceful protestors in order to further their goals.

They want a revolution. They want to destroy the American way of life through wanton destruction of our values and culture. They are nihilists.  They proved that last week. [“Nihilism” from two dictionaries: “An approach to philosophy that holds that human life is meaningless and that all religions, laws, moral codes, and political systems are thoroughly empty and false”… “total rejection of established laws and institutions; anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity; total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself”…]

We need to understand that every revolution has a vanguard, a paramilitary branch of ruffians who bludgeon the peace loving citizenry into submission. They terrorize the populace by killing, looting, maiming and destroying the existing system.

That is what happened on Crystal Night in 1938 and last week here in America. The same thing happened with Mussolini’s blackshirt thugs in Italy in the 1920’s and the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1918. It all turns out the same, be it national socialism in Germany and fascist Italy, or communist socialism of the USSR, Cuba, and N. Korea.

The Question

The question is this: Will we allow history to repeat itself? Will we fail our children and grandchildren by losing their rights through a collective lukewarmness? Will we surrender our dreams through our inability to summon the courage to make them come true through hard work and faith? Or will we be like our ancestors, who came against those “dark designing knaves” that President Washington spoke about? It is time to look inward, you mighty men and women of valor.

For it is like what happened to Gideon in the Old Testament. The angel appeared to him and said, “The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valor.”

And Gideon said, in essence: “I am the poorest of the poor. I got only one little flatbread left; that is it. If the LORD is with us, then why are we a conquered nation? And where are all the miracles like when Moses brought us up out of Egypt?

And God replied, in essence: So you want to see that kind of power? Fine. I have chosen you. “Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent you?” (Judges 6: 12-14).

He has given us the power to overcome all of the petty little tyrants who stand in the way of righteousness, peace, and joy. All we got to do is ask Him for the power. And then we must believe that He is answering, and we will receive that power. And “if you are down and out, feeling small,” it is okay to ask God for signs along the way. Gideon, that “mighty man of valor” did. And God gave him a flat out miracle of a sign that He is super real. But I won’t tell you about that now. You can read about it (Judges 6: 15-23).

The giants are not too big.  All the great men and women of God believed that. They are great because of their walk of faith. We still remember their names, even sometimes naming our children after them. We recount their deeds from two, three, and four thousand years ago. God wants us to be like them. That is what it is going to take to stand against the evil.      Wayneman



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