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Thump Thump!

I cried when they took him away, even though I knew that little Matty had to go to his home in North Carolina. I had grown so attached to him. I held him close in my arms every day, and we grew to be great friends, even though he was still an infant. As his mother and grandmother loaded up the suitcases and baby effects, my heart was bursting with pain.

I remember our favorite activity. He would lay on my lap with his head on my knees and his legs pointed upward upon my chest, and he would play, “Thump Thump,” with his feet—“Thump Thump Thump Thump” upon my chest.

Matty was nine months old when he left to go to his home. I thought then that we would never be able to play the Thump Thump game again. Boy was I wrong! For, you see, Matty grew very quickly in the years that ticked by. I saw him every year, and he was growing so fast that he was no longer able to lay in my lap and use my chest as a drum. The Thump Thump game became a fading memory. But it was a memory that I still held very dear.

One day when Matty was seven years old, he proved that infants have strong memories. We were in our living room, and I looked at Matty, and he had this gleam in his eye. It was as if a bit of lightning had charged his brain. He walked over to where I was sitting. He stood between my knees and looked me right in the eye.  And then with his hands, he leaned over and went, “Thump Thump,” on my chest, just like he used to do with his feet! He smiled at me, to let me know that he knew that I knew.  

He had proven that infants are intelligent and have excellent memories.



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Wisdom—Do We Have It?

If we do not know the secret knowledge held back from most of mankind, then we will not hear nor speak words of that knowledge (Matt. 13:11-17).

If we do not know of the “hidden wisdom” “kept secret from the foundations of the world,” then we will not hear the “word of wisdom,” much less speak the “word of wisdom” (1 Cor. 2:2:7-9). For we cannot properly channel the spiritual gift of Wisdom’s words if we have never been taught them. The very first of the much talked about “gifts of the Spirit” is the “word of wisdom” (1 Cor. 12:8).

Yet, few Christians know what the word “wisdom” means. Few know its scriptural definition. So we consult the concordance, and we find this: “The fear of the LORD, that is wisdom” (Job 28:28). But what does “fear” really mean here? So, we look up “fear” and find that in Hebrew it means “reverential awe.” In other words, “wisdom” is being in reverential awe of Yahweh. You know, the kind of awe of a hundred million galaxies out there, beyond our Milky Way and beyond our wildest imaginations—the kind of awe where you gasp for air, falling onto our knees—it’s that kind of reverence and awe of the One who created it all. That is wisdom.

And it is the foundation upon which the rest of the gifts of the Spirit are laid. “Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom” (Prov. 4:7). It’s the main thing that we need, in order to grow spiritually. But how do we get wisdom? We simply ask Him for it (James 1:5).

And He will give it to us. That means that He has wisdom. Yes, He has reverential awe of Himself. He used it to create the heavens. “To him that by wisdom made the heavens” (Psm. 136:5). The question for us all is this: Do we fear Him today? Do we have wisdom?

 Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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Dream: “I Will Pour My Spirit on All Flesh”

“I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh!” That was the message in the dream. But unlike most dream-plays, I was not the protagonist. Nor was God’s voice speaking to me through another character in the dream. Neither I nor His words remained in subconscious dreamscape, but rather, we were both translated into a loud reverberation, travelling into the real conscious world. Let me explain.

I had been longing to have contact from the Almighty in some way. Or have Him contact me. And as I lay in bed praying, waiting to fall asleep—a year and a half ago now—I asked God, “Please, Father, will You give me a word from You? Would You let me know You are there? Maybe in a dream?”

So, I went on to sleep, and then this voice had found its way into me, and I began to be its vocal cords.  And it resounded in a thunderous blast: “I will pour My Spirit upon all flesh. UPON ALL FLESH!” It seemed that the windows rattled. I was the reed; the Spirit was the breath that vibrated the reed, and the message in His words was the music played through the collective saxophone made from the words of His prophets and apostles down through the ages.

That is when my wife Linda shouted, “Wake up! You’re dreaming!”

And as I began to stir, I knew that the voice had come through my mouth. I did not originate the voice or the words spoken by the voice. The message was not the fruit of my will. I was not aware that I was even there. I then got up; it was three o’clock, and I stumbled over to my desk  and took some notes about the experience. It is only until now that I have been able to begin to wrap my mind around this immediate, profound and specific answer to prayer.

I have tried to make some sense of it but have been hindered by a preconception of just what the “pouring out” entails. The most famous “pouring” is the Upper Room experience, the pouring forth of His Spirit at Pentecost. Peter quotes Joel 2: 28-29 in his famous attribution in Acts 2:16-20. This has impressed many that Joel’s prophecy starts and ends with the Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit.

Two Outpourings

But herein lies a problem. He said, “all flesh,” but “all flesh” did not have the Upper Room experience. Thousands were in Jerusalem that day, but only a few received the Spirit. Who then received the Spirit? “On My servants and on my handmaidens, I will pour out of my Spirit…” (2:18). That is who received the Spirit in the upper room. Not everybody in Jerusalem, not everyone in the world…

  As we read on in the very next verse, we see another kind of outpouring. Yahweh says, “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD [Yahweh] come” (Joel 2:30-31).

In both prophetic passages, there are two vastly different outpourings. The first section reveals the baptism of the Holy Spirit that will take place during the “time of the end.” The second part of that prophetical flow reveals a pouring out of natural disasters and “acts of God,” a day of gloom and terror (Joel 2: 30- 31). This day of terror is when Yahweh has His angel pour out the vials of wrath. This shows us that both the pouring forth of the Spirit and the pouring out of the vials of wrath happen at basically the same time in history…

[Don’t miss the deep dive into the scriptures next time as the Spirit teaches us what the Voice in the dream meant. If you believe that this article or any of my writings would help someone, share it with someone dear to you. Share it on the internet. Let His light shine. Somebody asked me one time, “What can I do with this truth?” Share it. Use the computer to stir up the people. Have compassion on them. Most won’t listen, but the one that God wants to reach just may read one of these articles. Sow the seed, His words of truth.] Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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The Dream: “I Will Pour My Spirit upon All Flesh!”


“I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh!” That was the message in the dream. But unlike most dream-plays, I was not the protagonist. Nor was God’s voice speaking to me through another character in the dream. Neither I nor His words remained in subconscious dreamscape, but rather, we were both translated into a loud reverberation, travelling into the real conscious world. Let me explain.

I had been longing to have contact from the Almighty in some way. Or have Him contact me. And as I lay in bed praying, waiting to fall asleep—a year and a half ago now—I asked God, “Please, Father, will You give me a word from You? Would You let me know You are there? Maybe in a dream?”

So, I went on to sleep, and then this voice had found its way into me, and I began to be its vocal cords. And…

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Perspective on the Denigration of Our Society

Seventy-five years on the planet gives me perspective on the nation’s decline into darkness. I have seen the denigration of almost everything in our society.

Take music. Secular love songs from 60-70 years ago were about the pains and joys of the heart. Now they are of the “lusts of the flesh.”

Economics? Our dollar is worthless. The dollar used to be a 90% silver coin containing about an ounce of silver. It was real money. That same silver dollar is worth $30 in today’s paper currency. That silver dollar would buy 20 candy bars or 20 bottles of Coca-Cola. For my dad a silver dollar would buy three gallons of gasoline with a silver dime in change. My dad paid me one silver dollar for sweeping up hair at his barber shop on Saturdays back in 1955 when I was eight years old. Imagine a little kid running around with precious metal in his pocket and an American dream in his heart.

Now things look grim as the Federal Reserve Bank has absolutely ruined our economy. I share this to give you some perspective on how low we have been brought and how serious our current financial disaster is.

Back in the 1950’s, we Americans were still living by the standards of Protestant, Puritan values. But the darker influences had by then been let out of Pandora’s box. The lustful rhythms of the nations stirred a specter of passion. Most young women were chaste, held in check by the fear of society’s shunning of them for having babies out of wedlock. When a girl got pregnant out of wedlock, she simply disappeared, hurried off in shame to a willing aunt hundreds of miles away. There the girl would have her baby in seclusion and often give it up for adoption. Today she will parade her new fatherless baby up and down the high school halls. Dating was going to the movies back then. And if a boy got too fresh, he would have to face her World War II veteran father. [We were truly scared of those fathers]. But now, dating is a euphemism for having sex.

Today, the world has lost all restraints to bad behavior. Decorum is dead. Dignity is an orphan under a bridge. We see a society where thieves boldly ransack and steal armloads of merchandise while “security guards” passively look on. In the 50’s the thief would have been wrestled to the ground, arrested and prosecuted for grand larceny.

But age gives us perspective. I remember as a lad, I heard old-timers talking about how society was going downhill because of the federal government’s policies. They were right.

“Something wicked this way comes,” said the poet. No, it is already here. Conservatives on the right say that we can rise up and change this scary downward slide, that we can restore our society to what the Founding Fathers envisioned. That is a nice dream. But that ship has sailed. The cat is out of the bag, and no one will be able to put him back in again.

Why do I say that? I know that it sounds pessimistic. It is because of this: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves [not God], covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers… (I Tim. 3:1-7; II Pet. 2; Jude 1). The apostles warn us of our day, a day of spiritual darkness, “perilous times.” Spoiler alert: It is going to get much worse, a la the Great Tribulation. And we Christians are going to be in the big middle of it. But that’s another story that I have written at length about [rapture | Search Results | Immortality Road (].

The leaders of the countries of this world have caused this denigration of which we speak. “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed” (Isa. 9:16).

But that is not true of God’s offspring. We have been restored, for we have “been with Him from the beginning.” Consequently, we know that “all things are of God.” We know that He is in charge. His law of harvest is in effect and cannot be broken. Whatever a nation sows, that shall it also reap. Pride goes before a fall. Through much hubris nations are brought to their knees. And so it is with the USA and all the other nations of the world.

Our Father’s Plan

The time of the end is upon us. And it is all part of the plan–that we would become so frustrated with the ways of the world, that we would finally seek our Creator. “For the creation [us] was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Romans 8:20-21 NIV).

It is God who has subjected us to frustration. It is His doing. He allowed us to be bound in the chains of sin. We were held captive by our dark and selfish actions that brought the demise of our earthly bodies. And we were frustrated by having to live in clay vessels that grow old, die, and decay. But now we realize that we have returned to Him and have embraced His hope for us. His hope is that we will receive everlasting life. And now we see that all of creation is waiting for Christ’s return to this earth, when He will bestow upon us a new, glorious, spiritual body, which will enable us to serve the King throughout all ages (8:19).

It is our great and glorious privilege, therefore, to serve Him in His government, the Kingdom of God, which is coming very soon to fill the earth with his righteous judgment. For He is the Answer to all questions, the Solver of all problems, and the Teacher of all parables. He is Yahshua, the King of kings, our Creator (Col. 1:16). And “of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end…” (Isa. 9:2-7).

We are blessed to serve Him together. Spread the word.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock 


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Intercession and Spiritual Growth

Someone in your life is hurting. You feel that you cannot help them. You know that they are going the wrong way but find it difficult to alter their direction. You have tried telling them that Christ is the answer. But they will not listen. You have prayed for them, of course. You have held on helplessly, as you see time running out–for them and for you as the one who wants to help them.

You feel depleted, empty of sustenance that will, like chicken soup for the flu, comfort and lift them out of their spiritual disease. Then one day you realize that you have just not gotten down and asked God to intercede in your loved one’s condition. It’s not like you haven’t mentioned them in your communications with God. You have mentioned them, but have you asked the Father, like this: “Father, would you please help them to know that You love them? Father, would you reach down and show them Your wondrous love? Would You reach out Your hand to them and draw them into Your joyful bosom?” Or was your prayer a statement: “Father, I ask that you help them in their time of need.”

As you ask your Father for help, your heart begins to soften. You realize that He is not going to block His ears to your cry for help. In fact, He has been waiting for you to ask Him—not tell Him—what you desire of Him. Christ said, “Ask and it shall be given.” He continued, And if your son or daughter asked you for something to eat, would you give them a stone? If you know how to mercifully give good things to your children when they ask you, “how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him” ( Matthew 7:7-11).

And so, you ask Him, “Father would you please help them? Would you let your love embrace their fears? Would you show them that you are real and that you care?”

And then, something wonderful begins to happen in your heart. It is a realization that, yes, the Father is going to answer your prayers, but He wants to do it through you. He wants His Spirit of love to be magnified and multiplied in you. He wants to love the one you are praying for–the one that you’re concerned about—through you. You begin to realize that He will answer your prayer, in showing His love for them, through you.

This is intercessory prayer–real prayer that changes us.  God gives grace to the humble. Humility knocks on His door seeking help for someone else. God can work with that. And so he begins a change in our hearts, preparing us to be used as a vessel for his Spirit of love to work through. This is how we grow; this is actually how He grows in us.  Intercessory prayer is the process by which the Father fulfils his eternal purpose, which is to reproduce Himself in a body of many human beings. This is how He multiplies His love for his people.    

And it all starts with, “Ask and it shall be given.” But it is not selfishly asking for both physical and spiritual things. Rather it is asking the Father to touch someone else.

You love someone that is hurting…

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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My Articles Now Appear on “Medium”

Medium is a gigantic internet platform with millions of readers who want content that shines brightly. Come sample our latest article. It is found here: .

Come see what all the excitement is about. God bless.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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“What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?”

So went the Sixties love ballad. But now God has a heartbreak of much greater importance for us, one needed for our spiritual growth.

For the closer we get to fulfilling God’s goal for us—to be His fully matured sons and daughters—the more is our need to be broken.

Call it self-protection, but we in our original state harden at heartbreak. We squirm away from suffering. Because the history of mankind is painted with pain, we sequester ourselves, building turrets on our castles of consciousness.

We are careful each day to put on man’s armor to protect us from the myriad souls who would rifle through our defenses with their troubles. If we were not hardened, we feel we would weep and lament for the needs of humanity. As medics in a MASH style hospital in Vietnam, we had to harden our hearts just to make it through another day of death and human destruction.

But now our Example arrives on the scene of our existence. He is Christ our King, the great Healer and Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that therein is. We see Him walking about humbly, a broken man, a man of grief and suffering. He was a man of sorrows—our sorrows. He looked out and observed faithless men, and He suffered, knowing what the world would go through.

He knew all this, but how would He get man to begin to love and be merciful to each other? He would first exhibit the greatest love in the world: To die for another. Thus, He left us an example “that we should follow His steps.” He would deliver us and command us to “present our bodies a living sacrifice.” In so doing, the seed of agape Love, which is God, would germinate by faith, and that Seed would grow into “trees of righteousness.” We are those trees, my brothers and sisters.

But before all of this happening, the ground of our hearts must be broken up to receive the Seed. The hardened ground of pride will not bear any kind of spiritual fruit.

And so it goes. Most men prattle on. Their grudges grow into granite walls. And there man lies down for the last time, the only thing left is a helpless granite slab, never to be remembered again, lost in a tomb of dust with no hope, except the Resurrection.

Believing this brings a broken humility which God rewards with grace. We all should ask Him for brokenness. God is near to those of a broken heart. That’s where we will find Him.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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Free Copy of New Book “The Eleventh Commandment”

I am offering a free copy with free shipping of my latest book. Just send your name, mailing address, and the name of the book to my Email:

It usually takes a week or so to get it to you.

Those living outside the U.S. will receive a pdf.

Let me know what you think of the book.

All the best.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock


{Many have wondered how to get involved in evangelism, how to help. Below is a copy of my new press release. Feel free to send it to any news media outlet or send it to anyone you desire.}


­For Immediate Release

Manchild Publishing                                                                                               Sept. 30, 2021

Even Atheists Praise God, Says Author of New Book

When They Say “Hallelujah,” They Are Literally Praising God

Norwood, MO USA, Sept. 29, 2021

Author Kenneth Wayne Hancock says that he has uncovered a Biblical secret. Everyone, including atheists and agnostics, is extolling God when they say the word “Hallelujah.”

He was reading Psalm 150:1 and noticed a footnote to the words “Praise the LORD.” It read, “Hebrew Hallelu Yah.”Intrigued, he looked both words up in several sources. Hallelu means “Praise.” Yah is the “name of the God of Israel” (“Yah” Wiki).

“I have heard and spoken the word ‘Halleluyah’ all my life,” Hancock said. “It is in hymns, pop music, movies, books and everyday speech. But no one ever told me what the word meant. We have been saying ‘Praise Yah” and did not even know it.”

Hancock said that this knowledge is a key that will help millions unlock even more Biblical mysteries. “God’s Hebrew name is important like our own names are important to us. The knowledge of His name was once a hidden secret,” Hancock said. “But God gets the last laugh. Even atheists are praising Him.”

Hancock shares more on this in his latest book, “The Eleventh Commandment.” Free promotional copies with free shipping are available to the public. To receive a copy, visit his website:

After serving in Vietnam, Hancock was a missionary in Mexico and Turkey. There he explored Mt. Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark. He taught 30 years at both college and secondary levels. He is founder of the non-profit Manchild Publishing. He is the author of “The Royal Destiny” and “The Unveiling of the Sons of God” among others.


Kenneth Wayne Hancock                                                                                                                                        417-693-1714                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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The Father Does the Works through the Son—We Are the Body of the Son

Therefore, the Father will do those same works through us, the body of Christ. That’s the promise, whether we can grasp it or not at present. But I am getting ahead of the story. Let me back up to the beginning long before we little humans were scurrying about the planet.

God is the Word/the Logos/ the Plan to fulfill His own purpose (John 1:1). He desires to reproduce Himself in us. That is His purpose. How He will do this is written in His own words in the Holy Bible. God also wrote His whole plan out in the life and death and resurrected life of one man. They call Him Jesus in the English speaking world. But His Hebrew name is Yahshua. His name in the Hebrew means “Yah is the Savior” or “Yah Saves.” His name is the same as the patriarch Joshua.

The Father’s purpose is to reproduce agape love, which is Himself. “God is love” (I John 4:8). God is also Spirit, the Spirit of Love (John 4:24). He will reproduce Love in and through you and me, if we follow on. He does this by showing us how to do what He has done and how to love.  When we do what He does, then we grow spiritually. If we continue in Him, we will grow to full maturity as his sons and daughters. That is if we humble ourselves and pray and study His word and seek His face while He may be found.

The Word is the seed (Matt. 13:19). And “each seed bears its own kind.” Since we now are born of the “incorruptible seed, the word of God,” we will be like Him at the time of the harvest, which is “end of the world.” We will be like him after we do the things he does. Again, the question arises: What did the Father do? And what does the Father do now? For He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, what are his works?

As we have learned, Christ commands us to believe that the Father is in Him. We are to believe Christ that it was Yahweh, the invisible Spirit Father that inhabited the Son of God. Christ said that it was the Father inside of him that did “the works.” According to Christ’s own words, when you see a miracle done by the Son, it is really the Father inside of Him that is doing the works.

Works—What Are They?

“Works” is translated from the Greek word # 2041 ergon, meaning “an act, deed, thing done.” So, what were the things that Christ did? John the Baptist inquired about these works, sending two of his disciples to ask Christ, “Are you he that should come, or do we look for another?”

Christ said, “Show John what you see and hear: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached unto them” (John 7:22).

Christ said that the miraculous works that he did were “the works of my Father.” Believe the works “that you may know, and believe, that the Father is in Me (the Son of God) and I in the Father.” No mortal man can do miracles. So, it must be the Father, the Spirit, in the Son of God that is doing the works (John 10:38).

The Promise of Power for Us

When the time comes that the Father grows to a fullness within us, then the Father will do miracles through us. As people witness and see these miracles, they will know and believe that the Father is in the Son. And since we believers are the Son’s body, they will know that it is the Father dwelling in us, also.

This takes us to John 14:10-11. Christ said, “The Father that dwells in me, He does the works/miracles.” Then here comes the blockbuster promise that boggles our minds. Christ says, “He that believes on me, the works [the miracles] that I do shall he do also…” (John 14:12). He that believes that the Spirit that was in Christ was the Father, that person shall do the same miracles that Christ has done, “and greater works…” We will do the same miracles because it is the same Father in us that is in Christ. Wow!

There are two prerequisites before we receive this power. First we must believe that the Father is in the Son. This takes getting rid of old leaven concepts about God that muddy the water.  Second, we must ask Him for the power. “And whatsoever you shall ask in My name, that will I do” (v. 13). What should we be asking for here? We are to ask our Father for His power to do the works, the miracles that He just promised in verse 12. But we must “ask in [His] name.” Before we can ask in His name, we must know His Hebrew name and know what it means. [Much more on this in my book The Eleventh Commandment, pp. 42-44; 70-99. Order it here:].

These miraculous exploits are written in the book of life, a book about the Spirit in us. If we are one of His chosen/elect, our destiny is written out. He has already prepared someone in need, someone who needs a miracle, someone who needs healing of cancer or palsy or some other incurable disease. The Father has divine appointments for us to cross paths with a terminally ill person. The appointment to heal them is set. He does all things well, our Father, as He flows His healing power through us to the sick. These miracles [the works] are already written down in the book of life. The miracles are already set up by the Father. It will happen after we leave our 30 fold childhood ways.

A Story about a Miracle

Let me tell you a story about the works of the Father. Christ and his disciples passed by a blind man. The disciples asked Him, “Why is this man blind? Is it because of his own sin or his parents’ sin?”

Christ said that neither he nor his parents were to blame. “But this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.” And then Christ healed him and said, “As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent Me.” He said that we must do the Father’s work. That’s us, too (John 9:1-4 NIV).

So, as we grow into the 60 fold realm and beyond, we will ask Him for miracles, knowing that it will be the Father doing them in and through us. It is all Christ, for Him and to Him. Humility will lead our way. We can humble ourselves under His mighty hand, or He for our good will chasten us and correct us. “For whom the Lord loves He chastens and scourges every son whom He receives” (Heb. 12:6).

When the Son of God and the members of his body do a miracle, it glorifies the Father, for it is the Father doing the miracle through them. If the self is still there, then God won’t be. We are talking about those pre-destinated by God to “be conformed to the image of his Son” (Romans 8: 28-30).

Christ prayed for us who are to be called and glorified. Speaking of us he prayed “for them also which shall believe on Me through their (his disciples) word; that they may be one, as thou Father are in me and I in thee, that they may be one in us, and the glory which you gave me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one (John 17). He is so merciful to share His throne with us. But before He “hands us the keys to the Kingdom,” He will test us.  

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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