Hi.  My name is Kenneth Wayne Hancock.  My friends call me Wayne or Wayneman.  I have led quite a life.  See my post “From ‘Highway to Hell’ to ‘Immortality Road'”        ( https://immortalityroad.wordpress.com/2008/01/08/3/ ).

My quest really started in 1968.  I was a medical lab technician in the 18th Surgical Hospital (MASH) in Quang Tri, Vietnam.  All I did in the lab was cross match blood for our soldiers who were shot up.  I drowned and dosed the horror of the bloody war through drugs and alcohol everyday.  The terror of war caused me, however, to begin to search for the meaning of life.

I got out of the Army in 1969, met and married my wife Linda Kay, enrolled in college in the East Bay in California, continued to play rock music, take drugs, and search for the truth. It was then that it was shown to me that one’s old ego, the self, had to die.  So I studied World Religions and philosophy, but none had the answer on how to get rid of the evil monkey screaming in my ear demanding me to do bad things.  I did not go to the Christian churches, for I was raised in them and did not believe they could help me (See my post “Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater” https://immortalityroad.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bath-water/ ).

Then in 1971 a man told me that the old man “is crucified with Christ,” as in Romans 6:6.  And that sparked a stupendous conversion to Christ.  We became full time missionaries to Mexico and other places for 14 years.  I was on an expedition to Mt. Ararat, Turkey, in search of Noah’s Ark and spoke to thousands giving lectures across the country and appeared on television many times.

We had five children to finish raising, so we finished our degrees, became teachers.  I taught American and English Literature and Spanish for a number of years.  I’m currently an Adjunct Instructor for a couple of local universities.  I am an author of two books (available from the author or viewable online on this blog. Just click the links at the top of my home page). Thank you for your interest and sharing your time with me.


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  1. michael morgan

    wayne- I love the website. The older I get the more I understand your message. Keep it up and I will keep checkin in. See you soon.

  2. wayneman5

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, MM. KWH

  3. Iver Tokoi

    Wayne, I hope you had a good time at the wedding, send me some pics if you have them on digits. I love the post of Lord’s Prayer.

  4. fred zandberg

    nice site
    Gods will- will be done,his kingdom will come
    praise God that ALL men shall be saved-because that is his will that none would perish.
    this takes the sting of death away
    also it takes away judgement on our part
    its all about Gods lavish love.
    nomore striving-just rest-God will work it out!
    and the sons and daughters will be revealed to call into line the Kingdom of God.wow cant wait
    blessings in the kingdom -fred

  5. wayneman5

    Thanks, Fred, for visiting and commenting. It truly is an amazing plan and purpose God has for us His children. God bless you and yours. KWH

  6. hi sir wayne,

    i am inspired by your site.

    may the Lord use you more. and may you touch more lives.

    god bless

  7. wayneman5

    Thanks, yhen, for the encouraging words. God bless you richly. KWHancock

  8. blueivina

    [Prince] Wayne,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I could learn a lot from what you have written here, and am looking forward to it. Continue to do God’s will, and I am anticipating your future posts.

    ~[Princess] Shalena :o)

  9. wayneman5

    Thank you for your comment, Princess Shalena. May God continue to bless you in your quest for truth. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  10. Hey Wayne
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate your meditations here, they’re thoughtful and heartfelt.


  11. wayneman5

    Thanks, Jonathan, for your encouragement. Wayne

  12. Adrina Green

    Your words on love are spot on, we must forgive and pray for God’s love to fill us to remain in peace. Love and Hate are propelling forces and at any time will propel us along like a train depending which one we are riding, you just cannot ride both and sometimes we might start out on love and end up on hate, but if we take the time to trace back to where we switched trains we will find what need forgiveness and love.
    Just a thought on your end times, could it be the elect God talks about are those who are born again after the rapture. As I feel a pre-rapture is possible and that many who have been holding back will get this time frame to believe but will have to go through the tribulation. Cheers Adrina

  13. wayneman5

    Thanks, Adrina, for your comment. You are exactly right; since God is love, we just need His Spirit to fill us up with His goodness. He said that He is looking for people to surrender to Him so that He can do this. The emotions of love and hate are very powerful and do propel hearts down different destinies. Re: the Rapture: I do believe that after Christ sets up His new government here on earth, He will send forth His representatives and that those who don’t know Him at the beginning of this millenial age, will have a chance to be born “from above.” God bless. KWHancock

  14. Hey Wayneman! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. You’ve led quite a life. I appreciate the insights you’ve posted on your blog. I pray that God continues to bless and use you. Spudsie

  15. wayneman5

    Thanks, Spudsie. I appreciate your encouragement. God bless you all. Wayneman

  16. Trena Turner

    Hard to call you that with all the years of calling you Mr.Hancock. Just found your site through Kyla’s facebook. This week will finish up my BSN degree and will have some free time to look around your site. Would love to read your book. Will keep posted on your site.

  17. Pastor Tony

    Its funny but heaven is not our home. Often we think about this life and imagine what it will be like when we’re finally in heaven with God. We imagine this place where everything is better and we will have no more worries. Somehow we have been taught that heaven is our home. I hear a lot of people talk about this. They say, so and so has gone HOME to be with the Lord. Or they talk about a rapture where they will be taken from this world to go home to be with God- as if there was something wrong with this physical earth.

    The reality, however, is that God created us for the Earth. He made us physical beings not simply spiritual. If Heaven was our true home, why did He mess around with putting us on the Earth to begin with? Was His plan, “I will make this physical universe, place my favirote creatures of all (man) on Earth, tell them not to sin, but really hope they will so they can one day die and come to their real home with Me in Heaven” ? Doesn’t that sound crazy!

    But what was God’s real plan? It was for His presence to be with us ON THE EARTH! What is the Lords prayer? ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done…Where? On the Earth as it is in heaven. God walked with man in the beginning. His presence was WITH them! So do people ‘go Home’ when they die? In a sense they do because they go to be with the Lord, but He wants us to be with the Lord HERE.

    When you ask someone to describe eternal life, what do you think they will say? Often Heaven is one of the things mentioned when talking about eternal life, but Jesus had a very different perspective on this issue. He said that eternal life was KNOWING God and His Son (John 17:3). Man, God has created us to know Him- that’s pretty awesome.

    But what about this whole Heaven thing? Well ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord’ (2Cor 5:6), we know this to be true, but there is more to the story about this! Now most of us don’t have a death wish (on most days), but isn’t there a part of our thinking that says, “Man I just can’t wait to die and go to heaven where everything will be better! I won’t have all these stinkin worries! I won’t have to deal with all these people that are so messed up! I won’t have to deal with me who is pretty messed up too (hehehe)…” That attitude may not be officially taught, but it is sure evident with the way a lot of us live. But if we look at what Paul was saying in 2Cor here, we see that he was not longing ‘to be unclothed’ (to put off this physical body by dying), but rather he was looking ‘to be clothed upon’ with a body that was not subject to death!

    2Co 5:2 For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

    2Co 5:3 If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.

    2Co 5:4 For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.

    Do you see what Paul said there? He didn’t say to be clothed upon with our house IN Heaven, but FROM Heaven. God wants to do what He has said and that is to bring His Kingdom (His presence, His rule, His abolishment of sin) to the Earth.

    Did you know that the Jews believed in a resurrection from the dead? We as Christians do too, but there seems to be very little teaching on this from what I can tell. But simply think about this, if our home is in a place called Heaven, then why is God going to raise us from the dead? 1Thessolonians talks about the dead in Christ rising first when He returns. This means that their bodies will be actually risen- their physical bodies. Hmm…where are all these bodies going to go? To a spiritual place or a physical place?

    I guess the reason why this is so important, is because I fear that we have gotten a little drowsy and maybe even fallen asleep at times. I don’t want to see this happen! I really don’t want our generation to miss out on what God is definitely willing to show us if we are just willing and obedient to follow along and listen. And what is He wanting to show us? I truly believe that He wants us to walk and know Him as His Son did- Jesus. He wants us to inherit the earth and be transformed into one of His sons. Yes He wants to create a new Heaven and a new Earth, but that’s only His judgment of unrighteousness and sin- not to the removing of the righteousness of Christ which is in us begging to expand and take over our lives.

    So if you have a burden- maybe you think ‘man I just know there is something more and it just doesn’t seem like were quite getting it’- then please pray! Ask God to reveal to our brother’s and sister’s hearts what He has in store for us. We ALL have such a cool and unique part to play. Ask Him to have mercy on us and wake us up from our drowsiness that has come from preoccupation in entertaining ourselves too much. Ask Him to open His word and reveal what His plans really are for us and what it is He has for us to do.

    Maybe when we realize that God has something for us to do HERE…(i.e. helping to bring His REIGN and righteousness to the Earth and for Him to manifest His presence IN us)…maybe when we realize that God did not just create us to live good lives, do as much as we can for Him on this Earth, and then just die and go to heaven where we ‘really belong anyway’, then maybe we will really see some crazy stuff start to happen! WOW I cannot wait!!! Remember it’s who is IN Heaven that makes it Heaven not the place itself!! And God wants to live IN us! Holy mac-a-rel thats an amazing thought. But that’s the reality of Jesus’s kingdom.

    • Thank you soooo much, Pastor Tony, for your comment! I agree wholeheartedly with every word you said in the above post. I have written about this same theme many times on this blog. I wrote a whole series on what the Lord’s prayer is really about. Just type into the “Search” box, “Lord’s prayer” and it will take you to those articles. Please stay in touch, my brother. Right now the LORD is leading me in writing a series of articles on “the sons and daughters of God”–the elect who will stride the earth fully manifesting His glorious power very soon. We are called to help them realize their destiny as in “bringing many sons unto glory” in Romans 8: 18-21. God will be glorified in them, His crowning creation. It is a real vision and the time is at hand for them to come forth and bear 100 fold fruit. We who see this vision must pull together and get on board, which is seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, consciously working in the Spirit to accomplish His eternal purpose, which is nothing less than Him pouring Himself out fully into chosen vessels! Please stay in touch. Wayneman


  18. Pastor Tony

    If one is to come to immortality, there first must be an attaining of
    incorruption. Before incorruption we must be perfect. Is this
    possible? Not with man. Not by might or power. Not by our own works
    of righteousness. It will only be accomplished in and throught Him.
    Praise God this is His desire. May the following be a blessing.

    The Goal: Perfection

    “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto His eternal glory
    by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you
    PERFECT, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
    1Peter 5:10

    There is a beginning of the Work of God in our lives through
    receiving or hearing the Word of God. This is followed by faith,
    repentance and the baptisms of Water and Spirit. This is the new
    birth or being born again (from above). We must then abide, follow
    and obey as we are raised up and become disciples, servants, and
    ministers of this Word. This is the process of sanctification, or
    being made holy. It is also His salvation being worked in us and
    manifested through us.

    God has set forth the standard both in the Old Testament (Genesis
    17:1) and later by our Lord Jesus Himself (Matthew 5:48). God wants,
    desires and expects to have a PERFECT people. There is no skirting
    the issue, no excuses for less, no substitute, no second best,
    no “good enough”. Hebrews 6:1 provides the New Testament admonition:
    …”let us go on unto PERFECTION”. Paul, in a declarative or creative
    word of God at the end of his second letter to the Corinthians simply
    says, “Be PERFECT”.

    James repeats the same phrase in chapter one verse four of his
    epistle. The Hebrew and Greek words reveal both the process
    (Hebrew: SHALOME, Strong’s #8003/ Greek: KATARTIDZO, #2615) and the
    result (Hebrew: TAWMEEM, #8549 / Greek: TELIOS, #5046). We must
    remember and be reminded that this walk of salvation is God’s work,
    His Word being made flesh. That is, “The Lord will PERFECT that
    which concerneth me” (Psalm 138:8). We simply need to submit, obey,
    and flow with His creative process.

    “…and this also we wish, even your PERFECTION.” 2 Corinthians

    It might be interesting to note here that scientists have recently
    discovered a substance in certain cells, which acts as an “end cap”
    and keeps the strands of DNA in their spiral form. Most cells in our
    body do not have this substance and consequently wear out after some
    number of cell reproductions, allowing the DNA to unwind and the cell
    to die. This cell degeneration is considered linked with our own
    eventual death.

    The substance, which prevents cell death, has been named “telomerase”
    (the TELO prefix being related to the word TELIOS). Telomerase
    allows cells to reproduce indefinitely. These cells are immortal.
    Two cell groups, which have this substance and the immortal
    character, are the human fetus and cancer cells. Somewhere before
    birth most of our cells lose this substance and we become mortal.

    The Lord Jesus, Bless you Bro Wayne P.S. I’am having a Revival in July I would like to invite you

    • So true. “Till Christ be formed in you,” Paul wrote. When we can say, It’s no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me. Thanks for the invitation…Wayneman

  19. Wayne,

    I noticed in your bio that you had been a missionary to Mexico. I will be on my way in the next day or two to visit a former employee of mine who was deported today. I am waiting this morning to receive a phone call from him in Tijuana as he was taken from the Contra Costa Detention Center to the Department of Homeland Security in San Francisco and we were not able to communicate very well before his deportation. He is a fairly new but faithful Christian and I would like to direct him to the company of someone in Mexico who has wise and faithful doctrine like yours. He is originally from Guadalajara but has been in San Jose for 13 years. He has left behind a wife and two boys. the oldest is 8 and the youngest is 2. He is now facing a 10 year bar before he can even apply to return. I can’t imagine myself in his position. He doesn’t seem to eager to connect with his family in Guadalajara just yet and I am concerned for who he could fall in with. Jesus can save him for sure but daily solid Christian company and guidance would be so valuable. Good doctrine is hard to find in Mexico. Please contact me by email if you would.

    • Thanks, Dave, for your comment. “Good doctrine is hard to find” anywhere. There is a famine–not for wheat and corn–but for the word of God, so says the Hebrew prophets. And so it is today. Thank you for stopping by. KWHancock

  20. I hope you did not invite the ad for kabbalah stuff that appears under your great article on who we must abandond and “hate” in the struggle to be real Christians, as in Mat 10:31-39. Kabbalah is Jewish myths, and their book on the “72 Names of God” will surely omit the key name… the NEW NAME of Jesus when he returns – says Rev 3:12. For decades I’ve struggled with that and at last the Lord had given me that name. Are you aware of it?

    PS: There is a huge difference between the real Hebrews and “Jews” since most of the latter descend from folks who REJECTED Jesus, and he also rejected them as NOT being his called folks! John 10:22-31. We’re to be aware of false “Jews” (Rev 2:9 & 3:9) and in fact John Hyrcanus defeated Idumeans/Edomites [of Esau’s lineage], and forcd them to become “Jews” around 130 BC. By the AD years they were dominating Jerusalem and its Temple, which is why Jesus was only rarely there… finally being crucified there by these folks calling for his death. Note: Bible scholar/translator V S Herrell* says Luke 23:34 was ommited in oldest texts; anyhow it can also be translated” Father, forgive them NOT, for they know what they do.” (Did they know? Read Mat 27:24-25, John 19:9, Acts 3:13-15, I Thes 2:14-15)

    {*See V S Herrell’s AST, Anointed Standard Translation, websearch for it.}

    By the way, do you know we’re to be getting out of “Babylon” the system of manmade laws (Rev 18)… in these last days? And we can know the timing rather well, informs I Thes 5:4-6. (A tight logical study of what we cannot know shows it is really possible for the CAlled to know the year, month and day of the Lord’s return….. on his Bible Law calendar, not pagan Roman one in use by secular law. ) The original law and prophesies [and calendar of Sabbaths] was NOT changed warned Jesus in Mat 5:17-19…. so our ant-Bible-Law secular, manmade “law” is defective – and without authority!

    Indeed we’re to shun its coursts and have our own! (I Cor 6:1-9) What state licensed church have you heard preach that message?? And such courts would be useless without our own enforcers,… right? Let’s be logical! This is the higher Authority to obey. Such ones are kings or governors to obey – re Rom 13:1 & I Pet 2:13-14. The last one says: submit to every ordinance of man FOR THE LORD…. but logically therefore do NOT to submit to man’s ordinances for man’s plan CONTRARY to THE LORD and his Bible Law and prohecy orders! Only that is logical and consistent with all the Bible before declaring: THE LORD is our Judge, Lawgiver and (ultimate) king. Is 33:22 Most secular government licensed groups (charities!) completely reverse this and teach…. OBEY MANMADE LAW.

    And if you start along this track many of your family will oppose you… and God!

    PS: By the way, God even “hates” us – his Elect folks! We sinned in a way that ruined his Big Plan! (Exactly when and where and how is obscure and never taught in churching…. at least I ner heard it in 50+ years.) Inded it is our pastors who ruined God’s plan and turn our nation into “wilderness” so warned Jer 12:7-10; then read to v 17 and see he’ll finally have compassion on us and restore us… to POWER!… if you’re a CALLED one (I Pet 2:9) of the “chosen race” /”royal priesthood” (RSV, NRSV, AST) – ones long ago predestined and born conformed in the IMAGE* of the Son (Rom 8:28-30) since others are NOT whom Jesus prays/intercedes for! John 17:9 Yes, most commercial “churching” opens the door to anyone. They do it by NOT really knowing the original words and meanins of “nations” in the Great Commission (Mat 28:19). Do you know this? Otherwise Mat 28:19 and John 17:9 are contradictions!… and thus an invitation to logically solve this riddle!… not chant Mat 28:19 and send missions to everyone, and totally ignore John 17:9 and key orders in MAt 10:6 & 15:24, etc. Know who is who. KNOW where “lost” Israelites went. The answers exist!

    (God is punishing us, for a certain time period, and that is why Jesus did not immediately return to overthrow other regimes, which is what he shall shortly do – I Cor 15:22-25, over all earth (Zech 14:9), as a great WARRIOR (Rev 19:11-21) just after WE GET OUT OF BABYLON (Rev 18). Wake up!!

    How do you “know all things” biblically and logically? (I John 2:20-25) Now it’s time to logically hunt very hard until answers pop right out! At least that is what the Lord is doing for me now.. after decades of struggle.

    Comments welcome.

    PS: Do any of you actualy know the image of Jesus Christ? He was seen and also described by some folks. There was an angraving of his image also. Most humans are not like his image in major ways.

  21. Dearly Beloved Brother Wayne ~
    How sweet HIS song within you!

    I praise God that HE would choose you as HIS vessel of great works on this planet! HIS truth, love and life radiate through your every breathe!

    I am grateful to experience your brilliant demonstration! What an awesome God we serve! Thanks for giving your life to Christ so that many would be saved, lifted, encouraged, inspired and changed!

    I invite you to visit my website: http://www.beachboyspirit.com . I refer to it as a watering oasis for the soul.

    We are so blessed! It is so wonderful to know that HE put us on the planet not just to be saved but to be saviors!

    Keep up the great SURRENDER!

    Praise God! I love you brother ~ Bill

  22. Amy Parmenter Barber

    Hey Mr. Hancock, found you by accident, but love to see you out there still busy. Email me and we will catch up!

  23. Servant of the Open Door

    Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord, you speak the truth about the oneness of God, however you can’t not deny the Son by saying that he is simply the Father in glorified bodily form. This denies the advent of his only begotten son, full of grace and truth, for he was in all manners tempted as we are, thus he was a man that could feel our infirmities but he was born of the Holy Spirit from birth, the same birth that we also seek that we too can cry Abba Father.

    • Servant of the Open Door

      But by the same token, this does not deny is his pre existence as the seed and Word of God, even as Levi being in the loins of his father Abraham tithed to Melchizedek High Priest of Salem,

    • Thanks, Servant of the Open Door, for your comment. You wrote: “You can’t not deny the Son by saying that he is simply the Father in glorified bodily form,” after you agreed that I had spoken “the truth about the oneness of God.” Belief in the Oneness of God can never deny the Son, for denial of the Son means denial of the Father, the invisible Spirit, who dwelt inside the Son. When clearly seen, Oneness does just the opposite in our vision of the Son of God.
      For, yes, “unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.” This passage is universally received as referring to the Son of God, sitting on the throne of David, shouldering the government of the Kingdom of God. And in that same verse the Messiah has these names pronounced upon Him by Yahweh Himself by the Holy Spirit in the prophet Isaiah: “And His name shall be called…The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isa. 9:6). Undoubtedly, Yahweh spoke through Isaiah about the Son of God, and yet, “The Everlasting Father”? You mean that we are to call the Son of God “The Everlasting Father”? We must take away from this that the Father, the invisible Spirit Creator, grew up in the vessel we call the Son of God, “leaving us an example that we should follow His steps, who did no sin…” After all, Christ “grew in grace.”
      The Son of God is the Savior, yes–no doubt (II Tim. 1: 10). And yet Yahweh says that He, Yahweh, is our Savior; in fact, “beside Me there is no savior” (Isa. 43: 3, 11). Since Isaiah’s word is Rock solid, then we have to conclude that the Great Spirit/Father Yahweh is the Savior. If we cannot conclude this then we must ask ourselves, “Who is correct–Isaiah or Paul? The only logical conclusion is that the Father, who dwelt in the Son, is the Savior. Jesus/Yahshua’s main concern was that we His followers get this very truth: “Believe me that the Father is in Me and doeth the works (miracles).” But the Father does not mysteriously go “poof!” and there He is, raising the dead through us His sons. No. Christ could not “do the works” until the time of His ministry, which was the time of His maturity in spiritual growth.
      I believe that “seeing through a glass darkly” means seeing two or three Gods, so to speak. Like a double or triple image blurs and darkens the clarity that could be for the viewer, so does this. I hope this has helped. kwh

      • Servant of the Open Door

        If you share in his death by nailing the man of sin to thee and believe that God raised his son from the grave; You shall be saved regardless of not crying Abba Father in this life. for as it is written, whosoever believes shall not be ashamed. So I have no comment on anyones salvation, however, If you accept that the Son is the image of what we are to become; born of the flesh for suffering of death but also born of the Holy Spirit and receiving the Christ Mind and thus completing the body of Christ having the foundation of the Apostles, who received this birth at Pentecost, I believe such a faith is the perfection of being transformed to the same self image glory to glory. God is not tempted of evil, but our Lord and head of the body was, as such he had become the author of eternal salvation able to save them to the outermost. Amen

      • Thanks very much, Sevant of the Open Door, for taking the time to reflect and comment concerning our God. May He continue to bless you and yours. kwh

  24. Servant of the Open Door

    But in regard to Isaiah, God’s Name as, a study in the Hebrew scripture reveals is living and actually speaks. This is noted when Solomon dedicated the Temple. God spoke from Heaven and his name spoke from within the Temple. Thus, the whole family of God is in union by being baptized into his living Name, which is called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. The complete body of Christ is baptized into this living name and as such the Name that dwells in the Body of Christ is rightly called. This was foreshadowed by his living Name dwelling in the Temple. Remember the Lord said to David that his son will be a house for his Name to dwell. And even this was a greater shadow being fulfilled by Solomon’s progeny, Christ.

  25. Way mean, thanks for your response re ChristianBlessings. Could you please let me have your email address so I may provide more details
    You can write to me at


    Look forward to hearing from you


  26. Your blog is very interesting and I am following it. Please consider following mine. Blessings ot you.
    Senior Pastor
    Equipping The Saints – Eph 4:12

  27. AMEN…AMEN… I can not even explain the joy that leaps within me to see your blog. His Spirit within me rejoices and I feel like dancing. This message is so important and I am so excited!! PRAISE YAH!!!

  28. Equipping The Saints

    Thank you very much.

    Senior Pastor
    Equipping The Saints – Eph 4:12

  29. Johannes Versfeld

    I am from South Africa. Born in 1971/07/15. Since 2004 God has been giving me scriptures on immorality and I vas realy inspired by your wep site. I believe God showed me how will be the sons of God that will be reveald in the last days. Will you be so kind to look at what God showed me and give me your insight on it. If you are intrestet I will mail you. I am afrikaans speaking so please forgive my spelling.
    Thank you
    Hannes Versfeld

  30. Noel

    I don’t think I have ever read a site with so many subjects covered with which I am so wholly in agreement. Like you, Wayne, I was born in 1947 and having become a believer in 1983, spent the next twenty or so years having to unlearn much of what had been taught to me in a religious setting particularly at an anglo/catholic school. It has been a tortuous journey, often following blind alleys off the main road and spending quite a lot of time having to reverse back up to join the proper way again.

    During the process, we have also learned, like you that God’s Name is important, and during the rsearching of this, discovered more of the hidden dimension behind the picture language of Paleo Hebrew, which was the alphabet which preceeded modern Babylonian Hebrew, and in all probability the original scripture alphabet. I now understand that in Paleo Hebrew letters, the Yod Heh Vav Heh stands for the following in addition to the straight spelling itself….

    Yod……….Arm Hand Work Deed
    Heh……….Lo, behold, revelation
    Vav…………Nail, peg, add

    Therefore, shown in Paleo Hebrew from the very first, and well before the banishment to Babylon, we have in Gods name the following statement…

    Behold the work of my hand …………i.e.the Creation
    Behold the nail…………………………….i.e.salvation

    Two is the number of witness in scripture. There are Two Heys in YHWH, one breferring to the Torah which explains the creation and one which shows salvation by Messiah.

    Ever wondered why Abram was changed to Abraham ? It was the addition of a Heh……….which means revelation.

    Thank you for your site. I have signed up to receive updates.

    May Yah bless you.


    • Noel, thank you for your absolutely fascinating comment on the meaning of YHWH’s name. Very enlightening. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for visiting, commenting, and following. Means a lot. Stay in touch. Your thoughts are always welcome. Wayne

  31. Tim

    I read somewhere you knew there were Sons out there but you did not really hear from them. Is there a way to write you other than in the comments section?

  32. My posts do not seem to show up. Used email form and now facebook. See what happens.

  33. ilva

    Hi, is there any way to contact you?
    Please reply to my email.
    Thank you,

  34. Matthew Conway

    Kenneth I’ve tried to send you three different emails to wayneman5@hotmail.com and never received which was the email address you sent me a response on last. After no response today I looked at your email and found that you had a link in the body of the email that said wayneman@hotmail.com so I sent the following emails in one email to you that came Back not delivered. So I’m sending it the way I originally did in Hope of reconnecting. And you receiving my response.

    Oct 21, 2016
    Kenneth, Thank you for your response. I just saw you email response, I would love to meet up with you in the near Future.
    Saturdays are the best days for me, Maybe in the next few weeks we can meetup. McDonald’s would be a great place for me also.
    I look forward to meeting you face to face, reading your books I already feel a connection with you, Our Lord has a way of doing that.
    My contact # is 417-209-0777 if you want to call me and I’m off Friday’s and Saturday’s and most any day can be reached after 7pm-10pm.
    I will follow up in the next week on a good day to connect I really look forward to our meeting it would be a blessing.
    I Pray Yah continue to bless you also Brother.
    Thank You Again. Matthew

    Oct 23, 2016
    Brother Kenneth,
    I was reading your other book and came to the part about the lineage of Jacob/Israel and wanted to share something with you. I had about five years ago, done an Ancestry search of Conway Bloodline. I found out that in traceing my Bloodline to 1159 ad it stopped after 27 Generations at my grandfather Sir William Conias of Wales, England to I traced an earlier Grandfather of 1445ad-1544ad 17 Generations ago to a John Acer Conway Hen Potritham Conway also from Wales who Married my Grandmother Marsalis ap Meredydd a direct desedant of 80 generations earlier of Jacob Israel ben Isaac. Who had a son Judah who’s son was Zerrah the first King of the first Royal Bloodline whose son founded the city of Troy and so on. I’m sure the Conway Bloodline line even though It can’t trace so far beyond 1159 is also of Royal decent of the same Tribe. I often wondered why Yah had me do a Family History and now it couldn’t be clearer to me. I have been chosen and Predestined from the beginning and your books have opened my eyes as well as many doors that I have been praying for Yah to open for me. I’ve also over the last few months been led to pray for His Wisdom and Revelation which is being revealed daily to me in Scripture, Dreams and now with your help. I would be Honored if we could meet this Saturday were you requested for us to meet. Please let me know if your available,  I would like to show you the binder I have build that I will bring that shows my family Bloodline. I Love Yahweh so much He is such an Awesome Father. I Pray my Revelations will also encourage you as it has me and provide confirmation of what Yahweh has revealed to you in your Ministry in Him. My Path is Coming clearer every day, I pray for many Blessings from Yah to you Brother

    Oct 25, 2016
    Kenneth, I was reading on Amazon the About the Author of your First book (Yah is Savior)that I just finished and it said you lived in the Bay at area for 2 years after you left the Army in 1969 I was Born in Walnut Creek, Ca on Dec 24,1960. When you were there my family lived in Pittsburg Calif until 1972 when we moved to Brentwood Ca also in the Bay Area I am also ex Army from 1979-1982 Germany. And have had a Drug use background in the past . Seems we have more in common than I thought just thought I’d share . Looking forward to meeting you

  35. Nelia

    What an absolute blessing it was to stumble upon this website. Wayne your writings are inspired by the One and Only Yahweh. I am so thankful that He has led me to this treasure trove of Truth. I have been seeking the Truth for a long time, getting bits and pieces here and there, throwing out the bad every time my spirit does not agree, and keeping that which is true with me. This is the time we live in, so much information out there with so much truth, but much of it is tainted by lies. But with your writings, everything that I’ve learnt to be the truth, is confirmed, and you’ve also given me clarity on some issues which I was still to explore. Everything always has to be tested, but I do believe that this a place where I can read with a sound mind and know that the author is not deceived, something that is so scarce in this time we live in. I thank you and Yahweh for giving me these insights! Be blessed. Nelia

    • Nelia, thank you for the encouraging words. I am so happy that these writings are illuminating your quest. Your comments on any of these articles are sincerely welcomed. Let us stay in touch. May Yah continue to bless you. Wayne

  36. Kathy

    My dad served in the same unit as you and was a lab tech. His name is Phillip Leonard he left Lai Khe, Vietnam on the 28th of February 1968. He is just now starting to open up about his time in Vietnam. As he was telling me the story of the day he was picked up, he broke down. Apparently the regular scheduled pilot wouldn’t pick him up as too risky at the time. Another helicopter pilot heard about it and sent word to my dad that he would do a quick fly over and if my dad could run and leap on he’d pick him up. My dad was so emotional that he forgot to ask the pilot his name. It still haunts my dad that the man who took him home has no name. I know it’s a long shot but if there is anyway you could get me in touch with those who could help see if we can track this info down that would be awesome. My dad said the “heliport was a dirt clearing next to our unit modules on the perimeter of the 1st infantry division’s 3rd brigade base camp”.

    if you could reach out to me it would be greatly appreciated.

  37. htyhbellsouthnet

    Thank YOU LORD for answering my prayers !!!

  38. Thanks for your testimony; it is very inspirational.

  39. C. Wackett

    Categories. Why not have one on the Climate Crisis, the greatest
    present threat to mankind, that could make the human species extinct? God help our descendants, and especially our children and grandchildren for the remainder of this century, and in future centuries.

    • Thanks. I will seek God about this issue. Thanks for stopping by. kwh

      • cwackett@eastlink.ca

        When we are all dead, and we, who are lucky enough to go to heaven, ask God why he didn’t do anything about the climate crisis, He will reply “I did do something, I gave you eminent scientists, who told all mankind what would happen if it continued to cause the rise in world temperatures, and you, and the rest of the general public, including your faith leaders, failed to put enough pressure on your politicians and business leaders to take the necessary actions to prevent the debacle. In fact, the only section of society who did do something, were the youth, but they did not have the support of the “silent majority.” So now you have the answer from Me, Almighty God.”

      • We all want clean air to breathe and water to drink. Much has been done in the USA to clean up the air. I remember vividly driving into the Los Angeles area through a mountain pass. And there it was below us. But on that clear spring morning, 1970, I could not see the city nor anything else in that huge valley because a thick brown blanket lay heavily upon the streets and buildings below. Fumes gritted my eyes to tears. I asked, “Hey, did anyone drop an ash on the seat? Is anything burning?” They said no. And then I realized that it was the smog cutting into my eyes.

        That was the way it was some 50 years ago. It is not like that now through efforts of scientists and lawmakers. We have done more to prevent climate change than all the other countries combined. So I am not falling for your orchestrated guilt trip of how bad first world countries are. [I rarely use capital letters but this is improtant.] YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR MESSAGE TO CHINA AND INDIA. Until they at least get to where we are at today in preventing climate change, the pollutants will continue. They and other 3rd world countries are the polluters. You could hurl the West into a time machine to 1850, with China and India still polluting the air, and the climate would not clear up.

        Funny how no one talks about this. Maybe you were not around in 1970 to see real smog in action. You probably were not. I admire your passion. There are a few Chinese with that same passion. But their friendly Chinese Communist Party has got things squashed. Go to Youtube and go to smog in Chinese cities. See for yourself. Yet no one speaks about China building one coal plant per week. India about the same.

        Those are the facts. Go talk to the Chinese and Indian governments and convince them to stop using fossil fuels if you really want to make a difference. But don’t take it personal when they laugh in your face.

        I am not laughing. The world is being led by evil men. That we can agree on. God bless you. Kenneth Wayne Hancock

      • cwackett@eastlink.ca

        I agree very much with your comments about India and China. The USA government and other governments could put more pressure on these two countries re working against climate change.
        However, to a certain extent, the US government takes public opinion into account, when making its policies. According to separate surveys done by Pew and Gallup, climate change is the sixth most concerning issue among Americans, when if Americans really thought about the coming climate
        change juggernaut and understood it, they would make climate change the number one issue of concern. This could result in the US government putting more pressure on India and China in reducing pollution, and finding workable initiatives to help these countries reduce pollution. By the way, I am an old man in my 80s, and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Canadian government could also do more re the above, but unfortunately, Canadians seem less concerned about climate change than Americans, which is sad.
        Finally, after prayfully considering the above, the question becomes “what is the individual Christian’s responsibility re the above?”
        God bless you, and thanks very much for your web site and posts.

      • Thank you for your comment and your readership. God bless you. kwhancock

  40. susanstewart100559

    My husband and I have prayed for God’s wisdom and through a very circuotous route arrived @ your writing. We are very much interested obtaining your books. However, we are not sure with which to begin. How many books do you have available? Is it possible to obtain a full set. We do not care for E BOOKS and much prefer hard or paperbacks. We are more than willing to cover shipping/costs. Daily, I am more and more leery interacting on tech/media platforms. How does one stream a SANCTIFIED internet? (Oxymoron for the day)

    • I am sending you two of my five books today–The Royal Destiny of God’s Elect and The Unveiling of the Sons of God. Destiny reveals the vision of this verse: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It’s light reveals what God is doing today. The Unveiling has a little bit of the major facets of truth needed to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death.”

      After you read these two, please let me know what your reaction is. Then you may request other titles. God bless you on your journey. Wayne

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