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A Broken Heart and Spirit–The Sacrifices of God

The death of someone close to us brings a broken heart and a broken spirit.  There are no braggarts at a funeral–no loud boasters in the “house of mourning.”

I thought of this at Lindsay Stout’s funeral. She was my student, just beginning her senior year.  She died in a one car crash about three years ago now.  I remember that she was just  lying there in front of the church, pale and joyless.

Her mother wanted me to speak that day.  “You were her favorite teacher.  She talked about you all the time.”  But it was difficult to look at Lindsay that morning.

I was broken when I rose to speak.  I told them how blessed I was to have spent some 800 hours with her in the classroom.  Three years of Spanish, two years of English.  I read her last essay that she had written and a poem that I received in a dream about her the night before.  In the poem I re-assured them that we would all see her again at the resurrection.

Death Brings Brokenness and Humility

We were all broken that day.  Death has a way of doing that.  It brings  humility, compassion, and mercy to the heart.

How does death do this?  The Spirit of God uses the dead body to speak to us of our own mortality and the futility of this earthly existence.   In this environment, we are humbled, for we know that we cannot say to our own bodies, “Live on forever,” and they obey us.

It is at this very moment of humbleness that God can enter and be close to those who are brokenhearted.   It is just a shame that it takes the death of someone close to us to get “close to God.”

The scripture says, “The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit” (Psm 34: 18).  God is near them.  He can approach us when our stiff pride is wilted.  The reason that it “is better to go to the house of mourning than to the house of mirth” is because hearts in mourning are broken hearts, and God is near to them.  The invisible Spirit of God is palpable to those with a broken heart.

The Point

Do we have to literally have someone close to us die in order to get a broken heart and thus be close to God?  No, for He has provided a better way for this to happen.  We can carry around in our hearts “the dying of the Lord Jesus” and let His physical death break our hearts and spirits.  This is how we “show forth His death till He come.”

Paul wrote that “we are delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake that the life also of Him might be made manifest in our mortal flesh” (2 Cor 4: 11).  We think on the Savior willingly giving up his earthly life for us and allow His death to break us, preparing a place for Him to enter.  “Death works in us” [bringing God’s presence], but life in you [His presence in us gives His life unto others around us]” (v. 12).

“The Sacrifices of God…Broken Spirit, Contrite Heart”

This brokenness (through Christ’s death) becomes the only sacrifice  that God will accept.  It is only our broken heart that shows Him our sincerity.  A broken spirit is the only sacrifice we can make to Him that He will receive.

Everything else that we could offer Him, He already owns–money, houses, cattle.  For “the earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof.”  What He wants is our broken heart because He wants to be able to come down and dwell in us and be with us more fully.  But first, somebody has got to get broken to provide the environment for His visit.

Yes, our bodies are the potential temple of the Spirit.  But He will only come to dwell in us if we are humble and broken.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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“Is Christ Divided?” Asked the Apostle Paul

Obviously  not.  And neither are the true members of His spiritual body, the church.  Yet, in Christendom divisions abound, as they did in Paul’s day.

“We are the true church,” say the Roman Catholics.  “No, we are,” say the Baptists.  “We are the Church of Christ!”  “No, we are following Luther.”  “We are following Wesley.”

Please.  2,600 different denominations, each with a different take on Christ.  Divisions abound.  And they all claim to be following the words of the Bible, yet they do not obey its words: “I beseech you…that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you…that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment” (I Corinthians 1: 10).

The same mind.  Whose mind?  The mind of Christ.  Since Christ is not divided, then those who really have His Spirit will not be divided either.  “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His” (Rom 8: 9).  If we are His, then we will have His Spirit.  And if we have His Spirit, we will have His mind, and we will not be divided.

Because of the divisions, Paul said that he would have to teach them the basics: the preaching of the cross.  This is what is lacking in Christians today.  They have not been taught that they must surrender their own egos to the death of the cross.  They must identify their sin with the dying Christ who took upon Him the sin of the world that day at Calvary.

“Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.  For he that is dead is freed from sin” (Rom 6: 6-7).   The old heart dies with Christ, and then He gives us a new heart by faith in His resurrection.  If we can believe that Christ was raised from the dead, can we not also believe that His Spirit is now raised up in us, thus freeing us from sin and sinning?

If all Christians had this experience of deliverance from sin and sinning, then the divisions would evaporate.  We would all join hands in grateful fellowship, sharing His Spirit among us.  For “there is one body, and one Spirit” (Eph. 4: 4).  That one body is Christ’s one body of believers, which have His Spirit.

And that Spirit only comes into us after we believe that our old self  has died on the cross, and then believe that He has been raised up again in us!  That will get rid of all the divisions.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Add to Your Faith–How to Make Your Calling and Election Sure

After obtaining “like precious faith” with the apostles of Christ, we must make several additions to that faith in order to be fruitful in God’s plan.  These additions are spiritual additions and can only be added by His in-dwelling Spirit within you.

It is by adding these certain spiritual traits to our faith that we can make “our calling and election sure.”

God has promised us that we can be “partakers of His divine nature.”  To secure these promises we must add these spiritual attributes.  If we don’t add them, then “we will be barren and unfruitful.”  We will not show that heavenly power and light through our vessels if we don’t.

What are these additions? They are found in II Peter 1: 5-7.  To faith, add virtue; to virtue add knowledge; to knowledge add temperance; to temperance add patience; to temperance add godliness; to godliness add brotherly kindness; to brotherly kindness, add charity, which is agape love from above.

Those that lack these spiritual additions to their faith in Christ are blind and have “forgotten that they were purged from their old sins” (v. 9).  In other words, the guilt of sin and ungodliness will haunt them.  His salvation lies dormant in them, and they are subject to negative thoughts hurled through their minds by our enemy Satan, the ruler of the air waves.

But if we make these additions to our faith, we find an “entrance…into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yahshua) {v. 11).

To comprehend virtue, the first addition, we must study it out, and then apply it, calling upon Him for His strength, for it is only by His Spirit that we can accomplish anything.          Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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How the New World Order Is Counterfeiting the Kingdom of God

The real leaders of the people, the rich men behind the scenes who are pulling the strings, feeding the people news and information that benefit their plans for world dominance–these leaders have usurped the great God of heaven’s plan for peace on earth and are trying to bring in their own plan for peace.

Their promise of  world peace is a latter day Pax Romana.  As the Romans coerced a “peace” by the sword on the Roman world, even so the puppet masters today are pulling the strings on the heads of state on the world stage.  They are subtly shaping a peace through a one world government.

But who or what is behind these rich puppet masters who control governments, economies, media, and the minds of men?  Satan, “the god of this world,” is behind it all.  Some will laugh at this–those who have been duped by their politically correct secular dogma.

Christ is called a great teacher and a good man, even a prophet by many  secularists and agnostics.  If Christ is such a great teacher, then why don’t they believe Christ’s teachings about Satan?  He taught that Satan is the “prince of this world” (John 12: 31). “Prince” means “ruler” in the Greek and is used to describe the Pharisees (Luke 14: 1).  Christ’s apostle Paul calls Satan “the prince (ruler) of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2).

So, Satan, is “the god of this world” that “has blinded the minds of them which believe not” (2 Cor. 4: 4).  Satan is the evil spirit ruler of this world system, and he is working in and through those who are disobedient to the vision of Christ and His soon coming Kingdom of God.

Satan knows God’s plan of establishing “on earth peace, and good will toward men” (Luke 2: 14).   He knows all about God’s plan to establish His Kingdom of God with the Prince of peace as its head.  But because of pride and rebellion, Satan wants to bring “peace” to his world, to be this world’s  savior, and not serve Christ.  So Satan is counterfeiting Christ’s work in the earth, thus presenting a choice for mankind: Satan’s kingdom of false “peace” or the Kingdom of God ruled by the Prince of peace.

One sees this false hope of peace at the United Nations building in New York through “Beating the Sword into a Plowshare” sculpture there.

Beating Sword into Plowshare

Beating Sword into Plowshare

I can hear the humanists now:  “This looks so nice, so right.  All of us citizens of the world should want peace on earth.  My goodness, what kind of person are you that won’t back this world peace movement.  It’s from the Bible even.  ‘They shall beat their swords into plowshares…nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore’ (Isaiah 2: 4).  Us we-are-the-world folks want this, and we are going to bring it in; it is up to us.”

This is how Satan is deceiving the whole world, for they have forgotten God and how it is his doing, and not ours.  The world leaders will tell the peoples that a one world government and new world order will usher in a new era of peace and is the only way to peace, thus rejecting the Prince of peace.

When all nations have bought in fully into this one world concept, headed by a strong charismatic leader called the Anti-Christ or man of sin, then the stage will be set for Christ’s return to overthrow the counterfeit government and gather His faithful and set things right.  Then will Christ get rid of the evil ones and set His children as the true princes and princesses in His kingdom.

For Christ is the Stone of the “Stone Kingdom” of Daniel 2.  He will utterly smash the world empire into pieces and begin His reign.  The choice lies before all of us as He cries to us, “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.”   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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A Kingdom Divided Against Itself–Satan’s World Crumbling

Satan has a kingdom, and it is coming down, even as we write this.  More banks are failing while more governments are borrowing trillions from central banker thieves, thus putting the people more in bondage.

Satan has a globally connected kingdom–actually many national governments who are enslaving their people through corrupt economic practices.  For the very central bankers who were supposed to “prevent the people’s elected representatives” from making a mess of things, are now the very ones selling us all down the tubes.

But we sons and daughters of God must be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”  We must know the “wiles of the devil” as we are admonished by the holy apostles of Christ.

So let us realize and believe what the Holy One Himself said about this present world system.  The “wicked one” and destroyer of men is plotting now through certain rich men how to consolidate his power over all nations (see James 5: 1-6).

Satan has longed for the day when his “one world government” is realized.  It has been many centuries in the making.

Satan’s Kingdom Is the “One World Government” and the “New World Order”

Christ taught us that Satan has his own kingdom.  “If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?” (Luke 11: 18).   Earlier we see during the temptations of Christ, Satan saying, “All this power will I give you…for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”  We see by this statement that the power of this present world system is Satanic and the power thereof is given to men from the wicked one.

Satan is the “god of this world.”  He is in control, for now, of all the power of the governments of men.

But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom.  For instance, the West is at war with the Middle East; Christendom is at war with Islamic fundamentalism; capitalism is at war with communism/socialism; Hindu India vs. Muslim Pakistan; tribe against tribe; culture against culture, ad infinitum.

The United States is going into the One World Government.  Both Republican and Democratic Parties are taking us there through very similar policies.  Ever notice how neither decries the Federal Reserve System’s stranglehold on our economy.  Remember George Bush I’s  speech gloating about the “New World Order”?  What sheer audacity.  And what do the sheeple do?  Nothing.  Not a whimper, not a word.

The Difference in Our Two Parties

Here’s the difference in the two parties.  The conservatives want the USA to be the leading voice in the One World Government.  The Liberals want to weaken her, redistribute her wealth, and strip her of her power and make the USA just another third rate power, like a middle of the road European state.

And it is all heading that way–the way that biblical prophecy has proclaimed it to be.  The world will fall under the spell of a charismatic ruler, the Anti-Christ.  For seven years he will hold sway.  But the phony peace, held together by grey duct tape of lies, will fracture because of all the evil selfish egos, and Satan’s kingdom will disintegrate about the time of Christ’s return to set up His kingdom.

He’ll set it all aright here on earth, establishing a 1,000 year reign of peace.  And He will be using His sons and daughters as His administrators and ambassadors sent to the far-flung corners of the globe, spreading His love, hope, and righteousness.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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Not Many Mighty, Not Many Noble Are Called

This world system, Babylon the Great, is sick and evil.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  The vision put forth in the Holy Bible lines out the fall and demise of Satan’s kingdom–our present, corrupt world system.  It then is replaced with the Kingdom of God, headed by the King Himself, Jesus (Yahshua in Hebrew).

Before the world system falls and before Christ comes back to set up His Kingdom and 1,000 year Reign, there will be great move of God.  He has always come down, literally to this earth and visited somone and called them out to deliver His people.

He did not use mega-church pastors that preach “get all that you can get from God” or “Be a better you!”  No.  He chose out, as the apostle Paul said, people who knew they were weak and God was strong–people who were in awe of Him and His righteousness and glory.  “Not many mighty are called, not many noble” (I Cor. 1- 26).  He gives grace to the humble.  He will reveal Himself to those that are in awe of Him.

“That which has been is now…The things that happened to the tribes of Israel are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come…”  We read the Old Testament stories to see how God will work in our day.  “Past is prologue…”  “God requires the past…”

Take Gideon in the book of Judges.  Here was a young man, the youngest son in his family.  Yahweh appeared unto him and spoke to him and told him that God would deliver His people who were enslaved by the Midianites.  He addressed Gideon, “Thou mighty man of valour.”  While almost all of Israel worshiped Baal in the groves, he remained faithful, and then Yahweh appeared to him.  And the “army” that God allowed for the deliverance were 300 of His own choosing, not the 32,000 initial volunteers.  It was a small group doing it God’s way, which is not how man imagines God to work.  To see it today, just turn on religious programs; they are full of preachers and how they imagine God will work in our day.

Take David as a young boy.  He was zealous for Yahweh when no one else believed that they could defeat the Philistines.  He alone of all the armies of God’s people believed that Yahweh would deliver them.  And did He ever.  Later God would commune with David and called him to be king over His people.

Serious followers in this Way should pray for a move from God and prepare ourselves by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth.  Just being a sensitive spiritual type person is not enough.  We must have the truth.  We must know Him, “as the scriptures has said”–not the tainted knowledge of some mega-evangelist who imagines God wants a new you.  God wants the sinful heart to die on the cross with Christ bringing repentance from sin and become a totally  new creation in Christ, where it is no longer you that lives, but Christ that lives in you.    For more on these things check out my books found here:                 Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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“Who Is This Son of Man?”

“Who is this Son of man?” the people asked Christ.

His response was curious at first glance.  “Walk while you have the light…Believe in the light that you may be the children of light.” He is saying that the Son of man is the Light, and if we believe in Him, then we can be the children of light (John 12: 34-36).

We understand the phrase “Son of God,” for we see Him walking on water, raising the dead, healing the sick, and doing the mighty works of God. God’s Son will do what the Father does. But “Son of man”? Does it mean the same as “Son of God”? Why both?

A son is by definition the male offspring of human beings. But we are not talking about just any son here; we are talking about the glorified offspring of mankind—not just a male offspring of natural sinful man, but a glorified male offspring. It is a man who has traveled and matured completely in the life cycle God has made for man.

“Man is the glory of God.” That is the purpose. Man is to be converted from his fallen state and restored to the original calling God has for him—to be the temple that holds the shekinah glory of God. This entity—God-fully-manifested-in-human-form—is the Son, the Son of God, yes, for He is God’s offspring, but He also is the Son of man, for He sprang forth from just being a mortal man to being an immortal man—full of the presence of the Spirit of his Creator, living in an immortal spiritual body by the resurrection of the dead (I Cor. 15: 42-49; II Cor. 5: 1-5).

And this is where He wants to take us! To be just like Him, the Son of man, the Light. That is the true calling and life cycle of a few chosen ones called “the elect” by the prophets and apostles. They are the ones who will journey at God’s bequest to make the full circle from His throne room to the destitution of earthly flesh, and back to the throne, where they will sit with Him, restored to their rightful seat with Him. “Thou turnest man to destruction and then say, Return.”

These elect will make the round trip back to Him. They will be accounted worthy to walk with Him in white and will be of one mind and one accord with their Savior and Maker. In fact, they will be accounted by God as actually a part of His body; they are His body. They are a part of the “Son” and will be called as well, the “Son of man,” for they will have made the journey of maturity, growing up into Him—God in human form.

This is what His eternal purpose is all about. This is the vision for the wrap up, for the end time. They are God’s battle axe, the apple of His eye. They are His crowning creation, the “kings” with a little “k” of the phrase, “The King of kings.” They are the ones, and yet, they are one with Him. For there is one God and one body of that great Deity, and they are the limbs, and the Pattern Son, Yahshua of Nazareth, is the head of that great body, called by His prophets, God’s temple.

That is the Son of man. He is the Light, and they are the “light” as well after they receive and retain the fullness of His Spirit in their spiritual bodies. The sons and daughters of man will comprise the spiritual body of the Son of man. They are one and yet many—many men and women who have grown up into spiritual maturity and have left their human fleshly prison for the greater dimension of the kingdom of heaven. These elect will know what I’m talking about, for it will quicken in their spirit.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

For more on the eternal purpose read my book The Unveiling of the Sons of God, ch. 2, here:



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“MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” is referred to as the woman, which is a symbol of a false religious system.  This mother church system has an identifier in the scriptures.  This is a tag that tells us about her.  She has a “name written in her forehead.”  Names in scripture tell what the person or thing is—what its roots are, what its core values are.  A name in scripture tells us its origin, its reason to be, and its destiny.  This name written in her forehead means that her mind is full of what her name implies.  Her heart and mind is full of what her name means. And her name was “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” (Rev. 17:5).  Her name is given all in capital letters to signify its great importance to us.

First, this church’s name is a “MYSTERY.”  The masses who wonder after the world system are in the dark.  The origin of the political and religious systems of the earth is a mystery to them.  A mystery is a “who done it?”  The passive masses are in the dark about the characters and their roles in the drama happening on the world stage.

The second part of her name is “BABYLON THE GREAT.”  This term is a mystery also.  The first thing that comes to mind is the ancient city of Babylon, the capital of the Babylonian Empire in what is today Iraq.  This great city, described by the Greek historian Herodotus, was so grand in its day that its Hanging Gardens was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

But what’s the old city of Babylon’s connection to the name of the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17:5? Why is this old city’s name a part of the name of the false religious system that persecutes the true followers in the last days?

The answer lies in the fact that the religious system of the ancient city of Babylon has passed itself on down through the centuries to our day.  History teaches us that the Near East’s fertile crescent spawned a mystery religion with its birthplace in Babylon.  It was there that Nimrod became prominent.  He was the son of Cush, the grandson of Ham, and the great grandson of Noah.  “He began to be a mighty one in the earth.  “He was a mighty hunter before YHWH: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before YHWH.  And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel {Gr. Babylon}” (Genesis 10: 8-10).  This religion was passed on down to pagan Rome.  {Even the Catholic Bible admits in a footnote on Rev. 17: 5 that “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” is pagan Rome!  Read it here }

And one of these ancient pagan traditions that not only has survived, but has thrived today is Christmas.  People all over the world celebrate this holiday, not knowing of its tainted origin and of its pagan roots.

This brings us to the whorish woman’s name: “MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”  This false church is a mother church.  Who did she give birth to?  The law of harvest states, Each seed bears its own kind.  Those organizations who practice and adhere to the mother’s doctrines and traditions are by nature her offspring—daughters of the mother church. And one of pagan Babylon’s strongest traditions is the winter solstice season’s Saturnalia/Christmas.  And yet, the whole world wonders after it, believing that it is the greatest time of year, not know at what they marvel.

Yet I do not condemn anyone who celebrates it.  I once did, too.  But I wanted the truth at all costs, and when this part of the truth came, I had to make a stand to forego the holiday.  It makes waves in the family, for they will not understand at first.  All my kids are grown now, and they do understand the stand I made.  And all those who are pressing “on for the high calling” of sonship and daughtership of God–they will make a stand for truth.  The princes and princesses of God will realize that the truth is Him.  He, the Son of God is the Truth. That realization will put every thing else into perspective.    Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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