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The Unforgiveable Sin–The Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost

     I was worried sick that I had gone and done it.  So I went to a wise man who listened to my concern.  I told him how empty and far away I felt from God, and how I felt that I had irreparably damaged myself with my Maker.  “Do you think there’s any hope for me?” I finally asked.


     He just smiled and said, “The very fact that you are here asking me about it shows that you have not committed the unforgiveable sin.  Those who have committed it are so prideful and so full of themselves that they would never humble themselves to ask.  They wipe their mouths and say, I have done no wrong.”


     “It’s just that I feel terrible about the things that I have done.”


     “It is a good thing to have godly sorrow about the sin in our lives.  Those sins are easily forgiven by God.  The unpardonable sin is another thing.”


     “It must be pretty bad for God to not ever forgive it.”   


      And then he told me the story of the Pharisees, the religious hypocrites in Christ’s day, the ones who committed the unforgiveable sin:


     –The Pharisees could only see the Savior after the outward appearance.  All they saw was his flesh and blood body.  They could not see the Spirit inside of Him.  They did not believe that the Father Yahweh was residing in Him. 


     They were always looking for ways to discredit the Son of God.  One day He and His disciples went out on the sabbath day and picked corn to eat.  The Pharisees chided Him for it.  The Savior showed them that David and the levitical priests profaned the sabbath day and yet were blameless in God’s sight (Matt. 12:1-5). 


     And then He drops a bombshell that was totally lost on them.  ‘But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.’ Look, you hypocrites, He was saying.  The old temple and tabernacle were only types and shadows of the reality to come.  The true  temple of God is his people; that is His body.  And God, who you say you worship, is speaking to you right now through His very temple and you cannot even see or hear it.  The Spirit of Yahweh Himself is standing right in front of you in His very temple, and you can’t see, for you are blind!  The “Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath,” for the Creator Himself is residing in the Son and He created the sabbath.  So how can He profane it (Matthew 12:6-8)?  Later he goes into one of their synagogues and heals a man with a withered hand and declares that it is indeed lawful to do good on the sabbath day.  This incenses the Pharisees even more, and they get together to find out how they might kill him (12: 10-14). He gets away, and great multitudes come to him, and he heals all of their sick.  Then they brought one ‘possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.’  This, of course, infuriated the Pharisees and they said that He cast out the devils by a bigger devil inside of Jesus (Yahshua)—the prince of the devils named Beelzebub.


     In other words, they said that it wasn’t the Father doing the miracles; it couldn’t be, they thought, for they did not believe that the Father was actually in the Son doing the miracles.  They were calling good evil.  They were blaspheming the Holy Spirit that was in the Son by saying that the Spirit, who is the Father, was not God but a devil.  This is the one and only sin that cannot be forgiven–not in this world or the world to come.


     The Father was the Spirit inside of the Son.  The Son was the “expressed image of the invisible God.”  The Son said that the works that he did was done by the Father within him.  When the Pharisees said that it was a devil inside the Son of God doing the miracles and not the Creator God, the Holy Spirit, then they had blasphemed God.  They had crossed the line; they had sealed their fate.  They had blasphemed the Holy Ghost.  This is the one unforgivable sin–


     When the wise man finished the story, I told him I was relieved.  And then he said, Yes, the truth will make you free, and he went on his way.                      Kenneth Wayne Hancock




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