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Peter Schiff: Feds Running a Ponzi Scheme Like Madoff–The Speech Obama Won’t Give

Peter Schiff tells it like it is in a speech at the Austrian Scholars Conference, March 13, 2009:

“China knows we’re not going to pay them back. Of course we’re not going to pay them  back their money. It’s impossible. We can’t. We can’t possibly.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine President Obama giving the following type of speech to the American citizens?

He’ll give a national televised address and say, “My fellow Americans, I’ve got a little news for you today. We’re going to have to have a massive, across-the-board tax increase on average working Americans. Any American that still has a job is going to have to pay much higher income taxes.

“And, as a matter of fact, we’re going to have to cut Social Security across the board. Forget the Social Security check, we’re going to have to reduce it. And remember all my plans about more education and health care for everybody and energy independence, we got to put all those plans on hold, because the Chinese need their money.

“We borrowed a lot of money from the Chinese and we’re good for our debts. They worked hard for that money and they loaned it us to and we’re going to pay it back. And that’s going to require a big sacrifice on our part.”

Does anyone think that we’re going to do that? What are they, kidding me?

Do you know what we’re going to tell the Chinese? We’re going to say, “You guys are predators, predator lenders. We need a modification program. We need a cramdown on this. You never should have lent us all this money. You know we can’t pay it back. It’s not our fault.”

The Chinese know this. The Chinese–they can’t even vote in our elections. Why are we going to care what they think? We’re going to tax voters to pay non-voters? So the Chinese know they’re in this box.

The US government, we don’t pay our bills. We’re like Bernie Madoff. People loan us money. How do we pay it back? We borrow more.

If somebody came to Bernie Madoff a couple years ago and wanted their money, they got it. Why did they get it? Because they were able to take in new money. They found another sucker who didn’t know it was a Ponzi scheme.

Same thing the US government does. Every time a bond matures, we just go sell another one. And every time we need to pay interest on the national debt, we go borrow that too. Well, it works until nobody wants to lend us any more money, then we’re going to have to default, just like Bernie did.

And there’s only two ways we can default. We just legitimately don’t pay, or we print money. That’s it. There’s only two ways to repudiate your debt. There’s no way we’re going to pay the debt; the Chinese have to know that, and we’re going to figure that out.”  [For the whole speech and video, go here: ]

America and the whole world are in trouble. The banksters, led by a nefarious spirit of greed and lies, have conspired to enslave the people of the earth. But the good news is that the King Jesus (Yahshua), who is not the milktoast wisp He’s painted out to be–He’s coming back with a “rod of iron” to smash their evil designs. And He will set up a righteous Kingdom wherein dwells peace and joy for a thousand years. That is the good news. That is the gospel.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock


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The Manifested Sons of God–Overcoming the Law of Sin and Death

The scriptures speak of a special destiny for certain human beings who overcome the pitfalls of their carnal mind.  And the world is waiting breathlessly, waiting for these rare individuals to appear on the scene (1).

They are called the sons and daughters of God, for God is their spiritual Father–not in word only, but in power.  For they will have changed at their core; “old things are passed away” in their new shining life.  They will have picked up The Book and just believed it and walked in it, and they will change history.

The End of the Carnal Mind

The apostle Paul saw their day, which all signs tell us is our day–the latter days.  He saw a group of individuals who through faith would walk the way Christ walked this earth–in purity of purpose, in honor and integrity.  The way they would do this is by receiving a new spirit–God’s Spirit into their hearts.  God’s Spirit will lead and guide them.  Consequently, they will be called the true children of God, for those “who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (2).

These offspring of the Most High, who dwell on earth today, will overcome being carnally minded, which is death.  For “the wages of sin is death” (3).  Therefore, the carnal mind stems from a heart that sins.

The Old Heart

This old heart is the spiritual condition that a person is born with.  It is the core center of natural man Adam and all his earthly offspring.  This old heart is the well from which the mind draws up evil selfish thoughts by the bucket fulls.

Without a spiritual heart transplant, one will continue sinning.  Temptation arises, and like a bull led by a nose ring, the natural carnal minded man and woman succumbs to the temptation.

The Law of Sin and Death

And hereby hangs a law, as inexorable as the law of gravity.  It is called “the law of sin and death.”  It is quite simple to understand.  If you continue in sin and sinning, you will die.

But someone will say, “Well, we are all going to die eventually anyway, so what is the difference?”

Yes, “it is appointed unto man once to die.”  The first death will come for the vast majority–the death of our physical bodies (unless we are alive in Christ when He returns and we are changed).  But it is the “second death” that we need to be concerned with.  For it is the snuffing out of any memory of us and the hope of life in the next dimension–the era of the immortal ones walking on this earth.

So natural man is strapped with his old sinful nature, and try as he might, he cannot rid himself of it in his own strength.

But God has provided a way to escape this hellish condition–a way to be freed from the inevitability of this “law of sin and death” (4).

There is another Law that negates the sin and death law.  It is called “The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.”  Receiving His Spirit “makes us free from the law of sin and death” (5).

The children of God will go through the “cross experience” whereby the old heart we are born with will be surrendered up.  A spiritual death will occur as they identify their old self with Christ, who was sent “in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin,” through which God “condemned sin in the flesh” (6).

And all this is done in us when we just believe it.  This spiritual state of being “right with God” is when He dwells in us and keeps His own laws in us.  When we walk in accordance with His Spirit, we do not break His Ten Commandment Law (7).

A chosen few, the future manifested sons and daughters of God, called the elect, will experience the above.  They will go deep and answer the “high calling” and make their election sure (8).

These are the sons of God, shining as lights in a dark and “crooked and perverse nation.”  Again, we must ask ourselves, Are we one of them?   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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The Sons of God–What They Are and Are Not

The sons and daughters of God are not just once a week church-pew-occupiers.  They are the offspring of the King of the Universe.  That makes them princes and princesses in the Court of the Creator.  They are not lukewarm Christians who seldom if ever study His word or pray.

They are not just the tag “Christian,” to distinguish themselves from a Muslim or Hindu.  They are “born from above.”  Their origin is from a special heavenly realm, and they know it.

They know that their lives have been touched and changed by the mighty hand of God.  They are not doubtful and fearing, but rather confident in God.  They are not “tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.”  Their soul is anchored in Him.

They live their life as if God really does see them and their actions.  For they know that their actions have their source in Him because “it is no longer [them] that lives, but Christ that lives in [them]” (1).  They are no longer merely “holding a form of godliness, but denying the power” (2).  For they know that “God has not given [them] the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (3).

They Know that God Is Leading Them

They know that all along life’s journey, God is leading them on a definite spiritual path of growth, whose end product is that they “all come to the unity of the faith…unto a perfect man..till Christ be formed in [them]” (4).

They sense that God is guiding them, though He stays hidden in the background, unobtrusive, never loud and pushy, always quietly pulling the strings of their hearts, touching them, tenderizing them, steering them into yet another way-station where they might rest from the rigors of their spiritual sojourn.

He is invisible there, helping their faith, stretching them, trying them, proving them, seeing if they are made of the right stuff needed to become a ruler in His kingdom.

They will come to realize all this.  This high calling will dawn on them, as the “day star [arises] in their hearts.”  This is when they will cease to be “babes in Christ” and begin to grow up into Him.  God’s vision for His earth will crystallize  for them and they will be changed into His image at the end of this age.      Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Where Do the Manifested Sons of God Come From?

They are born of humble origins and inauspicious beginnings; they start as any other sinful human being.  The vast majority will not come from the powerful elite class, for “not many mighty, not many noble are called” (1).  God is rather choosing out the weak of this world, ones who have little power or influence.  He does this so that when He reveals Himself in these chosen ones, they’ll know it is Him and not them doing the greater works.

Called to Transcend

They will have been called by their heavenly Father to transcend merely dwelling on temporary earthly delights for themselves.

During their initial selfish sashay upon earth, they will eventually see that enough is enough.  For how many women must one man bed until he finally realizes that sex without the heavenly component of love is senseless, fruitless, and meaningless.  And how many men must one woman lay with before she sees the futility of her physical submission.

Awaking Out of the Mud

The future offspring of God will awake one day and try to wash up from the mud-caked sin that smears their inner spirit.  They will hear the LORD cry, “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes” (2).  They will at once want to change, to clean up, to attire themselves in clothes not meant to attract another’s attention, but just to modestly cover the shame of their nakedness.

They will want to change, but they will not know how exactly.  They will try to change themselves for themselves, but they will see that doing things for your self is just that same sly selfishness dolled up for another run.

They will finally see that they can’t change themselves–for themselves.  They’ll see that as long as their old self is still there, it will selfishly devote its life for self-aggrandizement.  That is all the old nature can do.

Don’t “Become a Better You”!

The world is full of people trying to become better.  They are encouraged by feel-good false teachers to do so.  But the sons and daughters of God will see through this.  They’ll realize that the “You” in Become a Better You! has got to go.  The “You” must willingly surrender its sovereignty over its body.  The “You” must not be re-directed or “made better.”  God commands that the old “You” repent, by dying on the cross with Christ.

It’s a tough sentence–this self-imposed crucifixion.  But the future sons and daughters of the Creator will become desperate enough to just believe what the scriptures of truth say.  They will surrender their old selfish existence up to God.  They will abdicate themselves as sovereign of their own life.  They will present their bodies back to God to allow His Spirit reign in them.

Life Out of Death

True life out of death.  Since God’s Spirit will not dwell in unclean temples (bodies), our old selfish heart must go.  And the only way to get rid of it is on the cross.  Through belief in His resurrection, the Spirit enters our hearts after we are immersed in His death (3).

At first hearing this, many will draw back.  This is why the Master said, “Few there be to find this way of truth.”  For “many are called, but few are chosen” (4).

After the surrender, the Spirit grows up in a person.  Lessons are learned; small battles with the adversary are fought and won; “senses are exercised to discern both good and evil.”  Fiery trials of their belief in Him come and go, lending their purifying qualities to the gold-like faith they are walking in.

Their knowledge increases about His government (kingdom), and they continue growing “up into Him” until eventually “Christ be formed in you” (5).

The manifested sons of God are destined to emerge in these latter days.  It is the crowning event of our age.  The casting call is going out.  The sons and daughters of God will be the stars of the show, and God will choose all unknowns for these roles.  The question still is, Are we one of them?           Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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The Rise of the Sons and Daughters of God–The Last Shall Be First, and the First Shall Be Last

During the destruction of the Satanic One World Government coming soon to this earth, God shall debut His crowning creation–His sons and daughters (See “Time of the End…” posted June 13, 2009).

The prophets of old and all the apostles spoke of their time, which now is our time in the earth.  They are the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose in reproducing Himself in the laboratory called earth.  They saw into our time, when God would bestow immortality to a select few (1).

Seeing into the Future

They saw into the future and saw the chosen ones destined for completeness in Christ, perfected because of His Spirit dwelling fully in them.  The apostle Paul said that, aware of it or not, the entire created realm here on earth is “waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God” (2).  The world is groaning for heroes to arrive on the scene.  You can see it in popular culture, books, and movies.  We all want someone to look up to, to lead us out of the political confusion and economic morass we find ourselves in.

All the prophets and apostles saw our day, saw our era when our Father would end the evil reign of our adversay and usher in the return of the King Jesus (Yahshua) along with the princes and princesses of God.  For we must remember that He has promised us that we will sit on thrones as judges in His kingdom.  The overcomers “will sit with Him on His throne” (3).

These overcomers will stride forth, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of what is left after the Great Tribulation and bring glad tidings of real peace to the remaining inhabitants of the earth after tribulation.

“The Last Shall Be First” and “The First Shall Be Last”

God has saved the best for last.  “The first shall be last,” said the Master.  And these sons and daughters are the first who were in the Father’s heart before the worlds were ever created.  They were in His heart before the Play ever started here on earth and are the end product of His plan to reproduce Himself.  They will come forth during the last act of The Play.  Their entrance onto the world stage has been reserved for our present time–the “last” days.  These also will be the first to “not taste of death”–mortal death.  For their bodies will be changed “in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trump” (4).

And “the last shall be first.”  These glorious offspring of God will be the last on the present scene here on earth.  They will come forth during our present era of time.  They shall be the first to “not taste of death.”  They’ll be the first to be fully manifested, fully matured with the Spirit of God dwelling in them in its fullness.

We now must all pull together to nurture each other, for who knows?  Your brother or sister in Christ just may be one of these future princes or princesses of God.  I should be our goal in life to be yoke-fellows with Christ to help implement God’s plan in the earth.  For these sons and daughters of God will be called out of their present sinful condition, and thr0ugh many growing pains, they shall walk with Him in white.

Kenneth Wayne Hancock

{For more type in “sons of God” into “Search” above.

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“The Time of the End”–The Final Act of “The Play” Adapted from the “Book of Life”

Every war waged on the battlefields of this blood-stained earth, every government’s shady dealings in back rooms with the super-rich, every sober gathering of this world’s elite as they plot out the next step to One World Government, and every humble gathering of God’s people who are concerned with the above–everything has led us to the final act in the performance of The Play that the Creator is staging.

The Final Act of The Play

The final act written by the Author of the Book of Life is soon to be finished.  It stars the Creator Himself as the protagonist, that glorious and righteous Spirit-of-Love clothed in His heavenly spiritual body.  He is known in the English speaking world as Jesus Christ, and in Hebrew His name is Yahshua [meaning “Yah Is Savior” in Hebrew].  The climax of The Play happens during this final act, which is known as the “time of the end” of this present evil world system.

In it we see the the prince of darkness as the antagonist, with every advantage, who goes about deceiving the whole world and almost everyone in it.  He is an invisible spirit, “the prince of the power of the air,” who enters into the minds of humans, tempting them to do evil things.  And he has tricked all but a select few into believing him that he is the “Peace-giver” and not Christ–that he is the savior of the world.

The Leader of the One World Government

Satan will dwell fully in the antagonist, who is known by many names in scripture: the Anti-Christ, the Deceiver of the brethren, the devil, the Beast, et al.  He is the counterfeit Christ, come to save the world from itself, for in the final act, wars, famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid collisions and more shall plague the earth, according to the script of The Play, written in the Book of Life, found in the Bible.

So the whole world will “wonder after” this handsome, cosmopolitan leader of the One World Government, this New World Order.  He will be a sweet talker, with honeyed lips and candied words couched in viral smiles and will schmooze his way into the hearts of the masses.

Many have been his prototype: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, the many Popes who still hold the old pagan title Pontifice Maximus, Napoleon, Hitler, and now those in our day who call for, or who are sympathetic with the NWO and its One Word Government.

We are living in the end time!  I knew about this some forty years ago, but then it was in the mists of the future, like looking back into the mists of the past.  It was covered up, difficult to get information on.  We called it a conspiracy, but now its actions are done in the open.  They are blatant and audacious, for they believe that because of the apathy of the masses, they will succeed.  It is stunning to see it go that way so rapidly.

The Climax

This is the setting for the climax in which Satan’s government will fall, smashed to pieces by Christ’s “stone kingdom,” the Kingdom (Government) of Heaven.

Christ will bring down this evil worldly empire in a spectacular way.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the LORD, I will repay.”  He will use his hidden army of heavenly projectiles, the asteroids, to smash into the earth, destroying the super-rich’s plans for world domination.  This is God’s secret weapon; you can read all about it in Revelation 8 and 9.

We all know now that civilizations would be ruined by just one asteroid impact.  Movies and documentaries have given us a preview of coming events written in the prophecies.

The Unveiling of God’s Sons and Daughters

These disasters will set the final scene of the final act of  The Play.  It is during these horrible happenings that God brings forth on the earth His royal treasure–His sons and daughters.  These are redeemed from among mortal man.  These at this time will be revealed to the suffering inhabitants of the world as His progeny, His handiwork, the culmination of His patience.  For they are His offspring, the results of His reproductive process–His reproducing Himself!

Unbelievable?  “With God all things are possible.”  “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

These will be His rulers in the new government that He will set up literally in the earth in the aftermath of the destruction of the evil world system.  They are the crowning creative act of the Holy One.  They are the epitome of His eternal purpose.  And they will be the key players in the New Play that He will produce and direct in the next age.                                                                           Kenneth Wayne Hancock

(For more read my book The Unveiling of the Sons of God here )

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Be Still, Be Patient–Waiting for God in the Telecommunication Age

Tweets, tiny phones, and instant electronic mail producing photos of friends’ faces in vibrant color–friends you’ve been longing to see and couldn’t until the seeming miracle of telecommunications in the 21st Century happens upon you.  It’s intoxicating to ride this speeding bullet we now call our life,  careening now down through time at the speed of light.

The Still Small Voice

But for many of us there’s that “still, small voice” inside that whispers to us, “Be still, and know that I am God” (1).

And we begin to realize that there comes a time when we need to take stock, when we need to get up early in the morning while the stars are still out, a cup of something hot in hand, and look out at the endless blanket of star dust thrown over us, and ponder the One who put it there.

Somebody must leave “the cares of this life” for a moment and think deeply on why we are here, on His purpose for us on the planet, and on what is actually happening on earth.

But that takes a seeking heart, a humble spirit, a hungry soul.  And He will take that heart and create a gnawing need to know the truth–the truth as to why we are here.  And since there is a Creator (just look up at those stars), He must have a specific purpose for all the human vessels that He has created.  I mean, He’s even got a specific purpose for the tiny digestive tract of a flatworm.  How much more for our existence–us whose lives He redeemed when He gave Himself for us.

No.  This is no accident–our lives here on this terrestrial globe, floating serenely as it were through the late spring air.

Waiting for God

The truth as to our destiny to be His actual immortal sons and daughters–the truth as to the evil forces hindering His plan for us–the truth about how we enter into this new walk of awareness–there’s so much to learn.

But we must stop and get off this speed-of-light train long enough to contemplate and savor the things God has for us.  For “blessed are all they that wait for Him” (2).

We have to wait for Him.  “God is light,” but He does not necessarily travel at the speed of light.  We have to wait for Him, for He will check us out to see if we are fit to be a ruler in His new government He’s bringing to earth shortly.  He will prove us and try us to see if we are of the right stuff to be His princes and princesses.  We are children of the King, aren’t we?

And this checking us out involves sufferings and trials and tribulations both in our personal lives and on a worldwide arena.  So it takes patience.

The Crux of the Matter

So the question is this: Are we one of those He calls to love Him enough to endure to the end with Him and His glorious purpose for our lives?  That’s the question we need to ponder under the stars or under the green universe of that giant oak tree, teeming with ring-necked doves and inquisitive squirrels who wonder when we are going to wake up and become what we are supposed to be.

Will we stride forth in the power of the Spirit, or will we strut our stuff, hoping our shaky little world holds up?  Are we a contender or a pretender?  A conqueror or a slave?

So this is what this website is about.  Click on a “Category” of interest to you in the right hand column and read and ponder and, yes, electronically send it to someone you love who needs these words–words that are a distillment of four decades of study and life.

And those who patiently wait for Him have the Father’s promise: “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you” (3).     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  1. Psm 46: 10
  2. Isa 30: 18 & 64: 4
  3. John 14: 18 NKJV


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A Simple, Sincere Prayer Away from “The Answer”

This world is in trouble.  America is bankrupt.  It is all teetering on the brink of destruction.  Families and homes are being wrecked through unemployment, brought on by insidious, covert forces.  And yet, all of us earth-dwellers are a whisper away from receiving real answers to our problems.

Humankind is one simple sincere prayer away from contacting The Answer, who is the Author of the Book of Life.  One simple, sincere communique to the Great One.  Just one prayer, one humble request based in true knowledge would yield a release from the stresses and fears plaguing us.

But which god?  “For there are gods many.”  We need to ask the one true God.  But we are to “ask in faith–nothing wavering…Ask, believe, and you shall receive.”  That is the scriptural Rx for answers.  But the catch is that we cannot ask God for things for our self, “to consume it upon our on lusts (desires).”  He doesn’t hear the prayers of the selfish or prideful.

The Renunciation of Self

First, then, there must be a renunciation of our own selfish desires, and then we are to ask the Father and petition Him with our “simple, sincere prayer.”

But man is so full of himself that one of two things happen as he stands so close to receiving The Answer to Life’s Problems.  He either is consumed with his own ego (old self), or he would pray to another god or another concept of the true God, which cannot give him The Answer.

Only One Religion Gets Rid of the Old Self

Only true Christianity–not Churchianity, not the watered-down pablum of Christendom–provides a way for a person to get rid of the old selfish heart we are all born with.  It is done at the cross, which is not taught anymore in denominational churches like it once was 100-200 years ago.

At the cross, we surrender up to God in revelation our old self, identifying its sinful ways with Christ, who took our sins upon Him and actually died as a lost man that day at Calvary.  When He died, our old self died; when He was buried, our old life was buried; when the Spirit entered into Him and raised Him from the dead, we, too, were “raised to walk in a newness of life” by His faith now entered into our new heart.

Now It Is All About Him

And now, after this experience, we communicate with that God, who walked fully in the man Christ.  We call on Him with a simple, sincere prayer, asking for more light that He may reveal to us how better we may serve Him, how better we may be of help to Him as He fashions His earth and the people in it.

We then in our simple, sincere prayer seek to help Him bring in His government  into this old earth.  His soon-coming kingdom–this is His plan and purpose, which is contained in His book, that He, the Author, has already written.

We, then, are a simple, sincere prayer away from touching the heart of the very Creator of this entire universe!  He knows our “frame is dust.”  He knows we are weak and have great needs that only He can fill.  And He is only a simple, sincere whisper away from us.  We need only to take that first step.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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