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Vatican Prohibits Catholics from Using “YAHWEH,” the Name of God, in Worship Services

Cardinal Arinze, the current prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship at the Vatican gave this directive August 13, 2008:  “The Vatican has ruled that the Name of God, commonly rendered as “Yahweh,” should not be pronounced in the Catholic liturgy” ( )

The article goes on to relate that the words “the LORD” in the Bible was “Yahweh” in Hebrew.  This is found also in the Catholic New American Bible (NAB). They said that in the Hebrew religion the name “Yahweh”  was not spoken.

I refute that.  All of the ancient Hebrew prophets of the “Old Testament” spoke God’s name “Yahweh.”  In Exodus 15: 1-19, both the Hebrew prophet “Moses and the children of Israel” sang the name “Yahweh” out loud in what is called today “The Song of Moses”!  God’s name “Yahweh” appears in the lyrics, sang by them, a total of 13 times, in that one song alone!

In fact, if you cannot utter “Yahweh” then you will not be among those who “have gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark.”  For “they sing the song of Moses” (Revelation 15: 2-3).  Moses’ song in Exodus, the one that utters Yahweh’s name in praise 13 times, will be sung by the Christians who did not  take the mark of the beast!  If a religious organization will not let their followers say His name Yahweh, then how are they going to sing the song of Moses?  This is leading the people down the wrong path–a path to destruction.

I don’t know about you, but I want what Moses had, not what the Pharisees and Sadducees and their predesessors in Judaism had.  It is obvious that they changed the worship that Moses and the prophets had!  The hypocrite Pharisees in Jesus’ (Yahshua) day were sternly rebuked by the Savior: “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do…He is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8: 44).

Speaking of His disciples, Christ said, “I have declared thy name unto them, and will declare it” (John 17: 26).  Hold it right there.  Christ declared His Father’s name to His disciples!  And the Vatican even says that God’s name is Yahweh.  And we know that Christ is our example, and that we should follow His steps and do as He did.  If He spoke His Father’s name Yahweh, then we should, too. 

But the Vatican says in this directive that the early Christians did not say the Father’s name.  We now see that this is a falsehood.  They did say it.  If Christ Himself spoke the Father’s name to the earliest of Christians, the twelve apostles, then they would have, too.

The Vatican is lying to the people, saying that “Yahweh,” the precious name of the Father, is not to be used in worship!  It is a lie taken from the children of the devil, the Pharisees, who hid God’s true name from the masses!  Truly John the Baptist called them out properly: “You brood of vipers! (Matt. 3: 7).

We are admonished to praise God’s name scores of times in the Bible.  How do you do that without saying His name?  Would you say, “Praise So-and-so”?  Come on, people, this is so bogus!

Time would fail us to mention the hundreds of times that “the LORD (Yahweh)” is spoken and written down by the patriarchs and prophets in the Bible.

All this is extremely important, for God will set before us “an open door” into the presence of God that no man can shut.  But it is only to them who have kept His word, and has not “denied [His} name” (Revelation 3: 8).

In the decades, centuries, and millenia past, “they” got by with this hoodwinking the masses, but not this time.  Many of us are bringing this lie to the light.  How is prohibiting the speaking of the Father’s name “glorifying the name of God”–which we are suppose to do?  Kenneth Wayne Hancock



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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obama and the One World Government

Well, not exactly love. A better word would be understand why they are being allowed by God to destroy America as we know it.

For America (and it hurts so deeply that it is difficult to pen these next words)–America, an Israelite nation in Biblical prophecy will fail.  Our mighty nation that we grew up in–so full of liberty, promise and opportunity–is destined to go into a One World Government.  I hate it on one hand, for I love this country, have fought in a foreign war for this country, and have enjoyed the benefits of our free society.  But if we are to believe the prophecies in the book of Revelation, America’s federal government will become an integral part of a one world government.

“And the great dragon…Satan, which deceives the whole world was cast out into the earth…and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (1).  “And he causes all…to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell…” (2).  The “miracles” of technology for this is already in place.  Just google “rfid chip” or “microchip implant” (3).

Why This Is Happening

All this is being allowed by God to happen because we as a people have “grown fat” in this prosperous environment.  We are “increased with goods and have need of nothing” and don’t realize that spiritually we are “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (4).  We as a nation say that we have need of nothing–especially God, the God of our ancestors, the Hebrew God of the Bible.  President Obama just declared to the world, “We are no longer a Christian nation,” even though the vast majority of Americans still say they are Christian.  Does he know something we don’t?

Into the Greatest Depression

This dive into the greatest depression is happening to America and Western Europe just like it happened to the 12 tribes of Israel back in Moses’ and the prophets’ days.  In fact, the LORD (Yahweh) through Moses warned the people what would happen after they entered the Promised Land.

He said that if you fear God and keep His commandments that He “will set you on high above all nations of the earth.  And all these blessings shall come on thee…” And He lists every conceivable blessing that a nation could enjoy.  The United States of America is the only nation in the history of the world that has fulfilled this prophecy!  “High above all nations of the earth…” (5).

But He goes on to warn them that if they do not obey His commandments and forget Him and dishonor Him, then all these curses will come upon us.  Why? “If you will not hearken unto the voice of the LORD…the LORD (YAHWEH) shall send upon you cursing…[because] you have forsaken Me” (6).

It will get so bad that “the fruit of thy land, and all thy labors, a nation which you know not shall eat up” (7).  This is happening to us right now!  Our income taxes are being given to other nations who have loaned our government money by the trillions—China, Japan, Saudi Arabia.  All our tax dollars go to them to cover the interest on the national debt!

What happened to the Twelve Tribes of Israel is happening to us right now.  When we feared God as a nation, we grew into a prosperous superpower.  But now we have forgotten God and we are being brought low by Him–just like He promised.

Deja Vu

And it is all happening again as it did in the days of old.  We now are enslaved by our own selfish appetites and are allowing our representatives to sign over our children’s future to the international bankers who control all three branches of the federal government.

We are letting them take our freedoms and responsibilities away–just as long as they give us our “bread and circus” the way the Romans did to the masses.  As long as we can eat and drink and play our games, we think we are okay.  The children of Israel, barely out of Egypt, “sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play (I Cor. 10: 7).  God called this idolatry, putting fleshly appetites before God.  That generation fell in the wilderness and did not make it to the Promised Land.  It was all written down as an object  lesson for us “upon whom the ends of the world are come” (v. 11).

A Government of, by, and for the People?  Please…

Ultimately it is we the people who are to blame for what is happening to our country.  During the past 100 years, we have become complacent and have allowed our dumb, spineless representatives in Congress to be bought by the rich oligarchy, and thus, they have enslaved us into paying income taxes, a key plank of the Communist Manifesto.

They have illegally bailed out their greedy Wall Street banker buddies who helped them get into office.  They have exported most of our good paying manufacturing  jobs overseas.  They brought in NAFTA and other harmful international trade agreements that have killed our jobs.  Remember Ross Perot warning us about the “sucking sound” of jobs going south if we go down that road?

It is our fault.  Our founding fathers warned us of foreign entanglements and central banks.  But we the people  did not hearkened to them.  The torches and pitchforks should have been gotten out long ago.  Our great-grandfathers sat idly by in 1913 as they ramrodded the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, creating a private central bank.  Our Congress shirked their duty in handling our economy, giving it over to greedy private bankers who have been pillaging America ever since.  For the Fed’s policies since then has led us into ruinous world wars, depressions, and burst bubbles–not prevented them!  And we have not thrown them out yet!

All These Things Must Come to Pass

But our decline into mediocrity has to take place; I’m sad to have to say it.  It has to happen to humble us.   It will take the debasement and final collapse of the dollar to start to wake us up.  Yet most will blindly be herded into a one world currency, which leads directly into the one world government.

But as all this takes place, some will cry out to God as our ancestors did, and it is precisely this chastening from the LORD (Yahweh) that will humble us.  And through our humility, God will be touched, and He will then grant us grace, and favor us again.  He’ll hear the prayers of a broken people enslaved by a foreign world government, and we will remember how great it was to be living in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”  We’ll be broken-hearted and contrite and ashamed of our prideful and careless ways.

And we’ll be ashamed that we let our federal government take away school prayer to the Great God of Heaven–taken away by a Supreme Court who has the Ten Commandments carved into the front doors of the Supreme Court Building!  What a bunch of hypocrites!  And we will be ashamed that we let them give permission for the wholesale slaughter of the innocent unborn.   We the people did not demand that our representatives and state legislatures amend the Constitution of the United States to prohibit such atrocities.  It was in our power, but we did not have the will to do it as a nation.

So this is how I am learning to stop fussing and fuming every night during the evening news, as I see America being looted and hoodwinked.  They say that ignorance is bliss and being blind to all of this is easier.  Maybe they are right, for it is very difficult to see all of this come down.  But I am learning to understand that America and Western Europe have sown to their own demise by not seeking God.  And He is letting the likes of Obama and the other radical socialists strip us of our freedoms as we slide into a corporatist fascist state.

The strings on the puppet Obama are obvious to me.  I even see the hands of the puppet master as he choreographs Obama’s every movement.  And the puppet masters don’t even seem to care that they are spoiling the illusion of reality by coming out from behind the Bilderburg curtains.  I guess they realize that we the audience have been put asleep by the dope piped in by the mainstream media and will awaken just enough to be herded into another line for the next government handout.   KWH

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“Thou Shalt Not Kill”–Usurping God’s Authority in Taking Life

The commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” really should read, “Thou shalt not murder.”  “Murder” denotes malice aforethought, a deliberately selfish act in taking a life.

“Hands that shed innocent blood” is one of the seven things that the LORD (Yahweh) hates and is an abomination to Him (1).

At the core of this commandment lies a spiritual seed.  For “the law is spiritual” (2).  The Ten Commandment Law comes out of the heart of the eternal Spirit’s.  He is the Giver of life, and He is the Taker (3)

When someone takes a life, he has exalted himself into God’s position of being the Taker of life.  God creates life, and He is the one to take life back.  When one takes life, he usurps God’s position and authority and essentially thumbs his nose at God.

Homicide, suicide, and abortion then fall into this category.  For who gave any of us authority to be the taker of life?  That is God’s role.  And make no mistake.  Abortion is a premeditated act to “shed innocent blood.”  For although the fetus is not breathing, it is alive.  It has life.  It is a living organism.  God has given it life.  And nobody has the right to take life, especially the innocent, helpless unborn.

But isn’t this the spiritual battle that’s been raging in the heavens since the beginning, and now rages here on earth?  Satan, that wicked spirit, is now sent down here to earth to deceive and tempt mankind into doing what he did when he said, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…I will be like the most High” (4).

There it is.  Satan’s heart dictates usurping God’s authority and, consequently, his laws.

When humans commit murder, suicide, or abortion, they yield to temptation to usurp God’s power of life and death.  It is a wickedly subtle move, but at its core, this is what is spiritually happening.

It takes a hard heart to commit these acts.  This hardening is a spiritual shift from the tender faith of the innocent child to one so lifted up that they presume to dictate the lifespan of another human being.  How haughty can you get?

And what will ultimately become of Satan, the usurper and those that follow his ways?  “Thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit” (5).  An inglorious yet appropriate fate awaits.  KWH

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Peter Schiff: Economic Predictions for America, 2009-2012

We had better listen to Peter Schiff.  He predicted the stock market crash of 2008 and the real estate bubble bursting.  Here are his predictions for the immediate future, including 2009-2012:

“So, the question is, what are going to be the consequences of what we’re doing now?

“And what I think is going to happen is that, ultimately, people like the Chinese and the rest of the world — the Saudis and the Japanese and everybody else — they’re going to figure this out, and they’re not going to want to play this game any more. We’ve got them conned right now.

“In my book, in Crash Proof, I compared it to Tom Sawyer. You know, there was that passage in Tom Sawyer where Tom gets everybody, all the kids in the neighborhood, to whitewash his fence. And he gets them to pay for the privilege of doing his chores.

“And when Mark Twain wrote that passage, he probably had no idea that it would one day form the basis for the entire global economy. But we’ve got the world painting our fences. Like they don’t have their own fences that need painting.

“But the world is not going to accept this, this economy. You had Hillary Clinton from when she went over to China, a couple weeks ago, to get them, to beg them to buy our bonds.

“She’d tell them, “We’re all in this together.” And basically this is what she tells the Chinese: “You need to take money away from your citizens and loan it to us, so we can give it to our citizens so they can use it to buy products made in your company to keep your people employed.” That’s the deal that we’re making with them.

“Now, what the Chinese should say to Clinton is, “You know what, I got a better idea. Why don’t we just leave our money with our own people and then they can use the money to buy their own products. That way we get to keep our stuff.”

“The way it is now, we get all the stuff and all they get is the jobs. Well, what good are jobs without stuff? That’s slavery.

“So they’re going to figure it out. And what’s going to happen is they’re not going to buy our bonds, and the Fed’s going to start buying all the bonds, and the dollar’s going to plunge. And this crisis is going to end up being a currency crisis. And when it becomes a currency crisis, then you’re going to have higher consumer prices and you’re going to have higher interest rates.

“Right now, we’re creating a lot of inflation. A lot of people are talking about, “Oh, there’s not inflation, it’s deflation.” That’s all nonsense. Real-estate prices are falling because they’re too high. Stock prices are falling. But that’s not deflation. That’s just falling prices. There is no contraction of the money supply, it’s growing like crazy.

“And this crisis is going to end up being a currency crisis.

“But the expansion of the money supply is not immediately showing up in rising prices for commodities or consumer goods, because there are other temporary factors that are pushing prices down at the same time inflation is pushing prices up. You’ve got deleveraging; you’ve got bankruptcies, going-out-of-business sales; you’ve got a lot of companies liquidating their inventory; and you have the dollar strong.

“And what happened was, paradoxically, when this crisis began, money flowed into America instead of fleeing America, which it will do ultimately. Can you imagine there’s a giant explosion and everybody’s running towards the blast? That’s what’s going on.

“And when people look around the world and they say, “Well, people are coming to America because as bad as it is every place else, it’s so much worse here.” That’s nonsense. That’s just what they’re saying to explain it. Just like they tried to justify the real-estate bubble or the Internet bubble. That’s all nonsense.

“The reason it’s so bad in the rest of the world is because they loaned us so much money and we can’t pay them back, and now they’re losing, based on their bad loans.

“And what’s really causing the global credit crunch is that we’re borrowing so much money right now, we’re crowding out everybody else. The fact that people are loaning us so much money means that private businesses around the world can’t get capital. Why? Because it’s all going to the US government, that’s why.

“So the world is suffering, not because our economy is collapsing, but because they’re foolishly trying to prop it up.

“And when they figure this out, then we’re going to get a real economic crisis. Because when the dollar starts to plunge — and it will — then we’re going to see prices rising, sharply, for consumer goods, and interest rates rising.

“And if we think we have problems now, wait till we see how much worse they get when we throw rising consumer prices and rising interest rates into the mix. And there’s nothing the government’s going to be able to do about it.

“Right now, unemployed people are getting the benefit of lower prices. Imagine when you’re out of work and your prices are going up, because that’s what’s going to happen. And then this is going to be a real economic crisis and then we’re going to be in for very, very difficult choices.

“And, unfortunately, the worst-case scenario is one that is looking increasingly more likely, which is hyperinflation. And if we get that, that’s where nobody will lend us money.

“And, so, the Fed buys all the bonds in order to keep interest rates down and to maintain deficit spending. And, then, the velocity money really starts to pick up. Nobody is going to want our money — not even American citizens will want our money and they will try to spend it as quickly as they can.

“The government might try to keep it together a little bit longer, with regulation. Maybe we’ll have capital controls. Maybe they’ll make it illegal for American citizens to do what I’m doing with my clients right now — buying foreign currencies, foreign stocks. Maybe they’ll make it illegal to buy gold.

“As prices really start to contract, to escalate, private parties will try to make contracts with payment in gold or other currencies. Maybe the government will make that illegal. There might be stores or people that actually don’t want to accept dollars because their value is dropping too rapidly. The government will make that illegal.

“And that means that we’ll have a black market. That means if you want to buy something, you’ll have to buy it on the black market, just like they did in the Soviet Union. The only reason you could buy anything there was because you bought it illegally.

‘A lot of these things are going to happen. I think early on, probably even in Barack Obama’s first term of office, I think we’re going to have price controls.

‘I think prices will be rising so rapidly, maybe even by next year, that they’re going to impose price controls on a number of products; probably energy, probably gasoline, probably milk, bread. And we’re repeating all the mistakes of the 1930s. We might as well repeat the mistakes of the 1970s.

‘And, so, when they put on price controls, what’s that going to mean? Shortages, power blackouts, long lines for gas, long lines for food. A lot of things are going to happen, I just mention that. Everybody now, of course, is talking about the 1930s and saying, “Oh, no, we can’t repeat the mistakes of the ’30s.” Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing.” ***

Most will not heed Peter Schiff’s advice; they will continue to go headlong over the cliff, following the other sheeple.  We have been warned.  There will be a few who will study out the warnings and make appropriate moves to not only preserve their wealth, but also prosper.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” said Yahweh through his prophet for that  hour.  And it is through this economic knowledge that we can make it through the hard times.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock

***From his speech at the Autrian Scholars’ Conference, March 13, 2009


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“Let This Mind Be in You”–Thinking the Way Christ Thinks

We are to have God’s purpose in mind.  But therein lies the problem.  How do we know what God’s purpose, plan and priorities are?  The answer is found in the writings of the apostles and prophets.  And they speak of “the elect,” “the sons of God,” and of the wonderful works that God will do through them at the time of the end.

God Will Make It Happen

Because it is His plan and He is all-sovereign and all-powerful, He will make it all happen and come together.  He will call out His sons and daughters, bidding them to come away a while and learn of Him.  He will draw them away from the cacophony of man’s thoughts and rumblings and the vain trappings of the Spirit-less life and feed them with wholesome spiritual food.

Putting on the Mind of Christ

Shouldn’t we be thinking on the things that God is thinking about, too?  We are admonished to do this.  “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus/Yahshua.”  We have to allow His mind to come into us and take over.

What was in His mind?  He knew that He was in God’s form, that His body was the temple of God, the place for God to dwell in.  Christ knew that His Father Yahweh meant all along to come fully into Him and dwell in Him.  He knew that He was the heir, that He would inherit the Spirit of God Himself!  This was in His thoughts and mind.  And we should have the same mind and thoughts as Christ did.

But Christ humbled Himself, knowing that humility is the way a human should walk on earth.  He submitted Himself unto death.  Now we are asked to follow Him in a “baptism into His death,” where sin and its sin nature dies with Christ.

Doing this, we will the become “blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom you shine as lights in the world” (Phil. 2: 5-15).

Christ is our example, and He was always “about His Father’s business,” which is bringing forth His sons and daughters.  We now should make the “Father’s business” our business.  If we do, you know that He will be pleased.     Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Abraham Lincoln’s School Book–The Holy Bible

I thought of President Lincoln this morning over coffee and scriptures.  I pondered about how much the Bible played a role in shaping him, both during childhood and his final difficult years.

He was self-taught, and his primer was the Holy Bible.  It is easy to see its influence in his writings.  Practically every thing he wrote exudes the wisdom found in the scriptures of truth.  That is why his words still move us, still inspire us, still cause us to stop and shake our heads and say, “That’s the stuff of greatness.”

His words are great, for their truths are mined from the Rock of Ages.  He quotes Christ’s very own words in the “house divided against its self” speech.  He alludes to the themes of forgiveness and reconciliation and mercy—universal concepts that the Great Teacher taught.

Style and Themes

His literary style was simple, yet elegant.  His word choice often was plucked from the pool of Elizabethan English the King James translators provided, illuminating a clear path of expression.

Themes of brotherly love, unity, fairness, faithfulness, and hope that President Lincoln employed came straight from the “Good Book”—words he read from childhood, words contained between black leather covers, words inspired by God and carefully preserved for all to study and spiritually prosper thereby.  To get to the heart of Lincoln, one must go through the mind of God contained in the Bible.

Reading his speeches and letters, one’s heart soars.  Yet he himself would tell us that this phenomenon is not because of any craft or genius that he possessed, but rather because of all those lonely hours by candle and fireplace light, reading the words of the patriarchs, prophets and the apostles.

But Some Have Turned Away

But now in this modern age, many powerful and influential people in government and the media have turned away from the scriptures Lincoln read.  The same Book sits there on their shelves collecting dust, gilded pages never turned.  They have shied away from it, tossing it into the pile of other “politically incorrect” positions.  And for this, they rarely quote it, nor allude to its glorious stories of mortal man triumphing against all odds through the mercy of its God.

I dare say that if Lincoln were raised from the grave, he would shake his head in disgust at our leaders’ lack in taking “the counsel of the LORD.”  I’d like to think that he would upbraid them as Christ did the hypocrites, who paraded in their pharisaical robes, while inwardly clothed in the filthy garments of deceit and greed.  I believe that Lincoln would be heartbroken and grieved that we, the descendants of a once thankful and humble people, inhabiting the choicest lands on earth, had become “fat and had forgotten God.”

So let us not be ashamed to read and savor the same inspired words that guided President Abraham Lincoln.  If those precepts were good enough and fine enough to steer him through our nation’s roughest seas, surely we of a less noble intellect can harvest from the Bible’s fruited fields, spiritual food able to sustain us during “the perilous times”  that lie ahead–the “time of the end,” spoken of in President Lincoln’s school book, the Holy Bible.         Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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Manifested Sons of God Dig Deep and Lay Foundation on the Rock

The sons and daughters of God will grow up spiritually.  They will have “overcome the wicked one” and all his tricks.  Their eye will be single, seeing  only the eternal purpose of their Father and His desire to reproduce Himself through “Christ in us.”

They are “born from above,” of “that incorruptible seed, the word of God.”  They will [dig] deep and [lay] the foundation on a rock,” so that when persecution, harassment, troubles, and others’ unbelief come against them, they will remain unshaken (1).

The depth of their search for truth and their commitment to do what the truth commands–this is what distinguishes them from those who “also ran.”  They not only hear Christ’s sayings, but do them.  This is laying the foundation on the Rock and not the sand.

Concerning the way of truth,  Christ said, “Few there be that find it” (2).  But He also said, “For many be called, but few chosen” (3).  So that opens the door for you and I.

So these elect for these last days will “go deep” and fully answer the call, making their “election sure”.  They will do this by adding virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and agape love to their faith.  This is how they will become “partakers of the divine nature” (4).

In their spiritual journey, they will receive a new heart that contains the Spirit of God.  They will be led by the Spirit, which is a prerequisite of being one of His elect (5).

It’s All About What He Wants

God has an eternal purpose in reproducing Himself, and these chosen ones are at the very core of it.  All of us professing Christians need to put our own personal aspirations and dreams for our lives into perspective.  We need to see things from the King’s point of view.  See what His priorities are, see what He wants done, see what He desires for His creation, and then, put Him and His vision first.

You Would Do This for a New Boss

To be a valuable employee at your new job, would not you be wise to learn what your boss is trying to accomplish and then, keeping that purpose in mind, spend your work day diligently endeavoring to help him do it?

So it is with God and His purpose.  I am trying to get the word out about God’s purpose in “bringing many sons unto glory” (Hebrews 2: 10).  This is what this blog is about–to raise awareness as to what the scriptures say is in God’s heart and what His purpose for us is.

I do not have personal designs on being one of the manifested sons who will walk in 100 fold glory as seen in Revelation 14.  I will be quite content to be used to teach them and nurture them, helping them to grow up into Him.  Everyone must be taught.

The apostle Paul, in fact, laments that there are not more teachers of the truth.  “For when for the time you ought to be teachers, you have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God…” (Heb. 5:12).

I do not know how old the sons and daughters are.  They could be 20, 30, 40, or 60 years old at present.  They may be 10 or 12 years old right now.  But one thing I do know.  We who have this knowledge must, by His Spirit, publish it for them and help them grow up spiritually to become what God wants them to be.

All Christians from all walks of life need to be working with this purpose in mind: to be of service to the King and His desires.  If we do this, He will be pleased and will help us help Him accomplish it all.  Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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