Dateline: New Jerusalem–Children, Have Ye Any Meat?

Natural man is shallow. His pretensions are petty; his plans are seeped with selfish thoughts. His heart is haunted by a covert lust that lingers in his intentions. Natural man is self-centered and shallow. He is a mere depression on the surface of life’s landscape, a wallow that cannot contain the latter rain. When he hears the floods of heaven coming, He will sit up in the mud, lost and alone—but not abandoned. For God wants to take him to the land of the deep things of God (Gal. 5: 19-21).

But before that can happen, old man Adam must be born from above, or else he “cannot see” the deep things of God. Unless he is “born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into” the deep things. And those deep things are all the blessed things that pertain unto the kingdom of God.

We saw earlier that the deep mysteries of God concern His kingdom and government here on earth. The things that God has prepared for those of us who love Him are things about His kingdom and how He will rule through Christ.

So there it is—the deep things, the mysteries that are revealed to us by His Spirit. It’s the kingdom of God. The literal government coming to this earth, headed by the glorious Monarch Christ, worthy of all praise.

This worldwide kingdom is what all the patriarchs and prophets looked for. And because of their faithfulness, “God is not ashamed to be called their God: for He has prepared for them [and us] a city.” This is New Jerusalem (Heb. 11: 14-16; 12: 22). Of which deep things the apostles have much to share, but can’t because most Christians are still babes in Christ, little children mostly alive for what they can receive from their spiritual Father. They are like natural man. They need the milk of the word and not the strong meat of the “deep things.” The milk is the apostles’ doctrine (Heb. 5: 10-14; 6: 1-2). The strong meat concerns the weightier matters of the kingdom.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Kingdom

When we speak of the Kingdom of God, many have been conditioned to think of the Jehovah Witnesses and have been turned off. You see their church houses everywhere: The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Don’t be fooled. Just because they speak of it does not mean it is a false doctrine. I disagree with most of their doctrines, but I concur with their belief in the kingdom of God coming to earth. Study it out for yourselves in the word. Christ said to seek the kingdom first. All the parables of Christ was about the kingdom. The prophet Daniel said that the “God of heaven shall set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed” (2: 44). Being born again allows you to enter the kingdom of God. There are many more passages about the kingdom and its importance to God.

The whole shooting match is all about Him preparing a people to inhabit His heavenly city already prepared for them. And that people is us who believe.

It is not totally about “getting saved,” avoiding hell, going to church, and “going to heaven.” It is all about getting prepared to live in the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven to this earth! Heaven on earth. Right here. Rather, it is setting down on the real estate that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. That’s the reason that the Holy Land is so important in the Holy Bible; it is the center of the magnificent 12,000 furlong cubed city whose capital is where Old Jerusalem now sits. Abraham spoke with Yahweh-in-human-form about the city, no doubt. For it was of the ultimate importance in God’s plan (Rev. 21).

Even the preachers, pastors, and priests of churchianity will tell you to walk in faith like Abraham, to have his same faith. Well and good. He looked for a city whose builder and maker was God. This city no human eye has seen, nor ear has heard. Somewhere in this mind-blowing universe that has not been touched by human hands, New Jerusalem is waiting to come down.

A City Built by God

New Jerusalem is a city built by the Creator Himself. He is the Architect and the Builder. And He built it especially for us His children. It is the “city of the great King” (Psm. 48). It is a royal city built for those with a royal destiny. Peter said that we believers are a “royal priesthood.” A body of kingly priests is our destiny; to intercede for those who are in need will be our occupation in the kingdom.

New Jerusalem is built for those of the same faith as Abraham, who left his home, obeying God’s voice. And he left his home there where all his kinfolk lived, there near Haran in Padan-Aram in northern Mesopotamia. God wanted him nearer to the place where God’s throne room would be when the city set down. God went ahead and gave that real estate to Abraham and his seed as an inheritance. We are his seed, his offspring in Christ. Therefore, we own the earth where the New Jerusalem will set down [the last two sentences were not in my rough draft journal…it just came now…].

This real estate is the “land of promise.” The promise is God’s declared word that if we walk by faith like Abraham and the other patriarchs and prophets and apostles, that we will live in this great heavenly city with our King Yahshua the Anointed One. And “God is not ashamed to be called their God: for He has prepared for them a city” (Heb. 11: 16).

But, my brothers and sisters, before we can go more deeply, before we can digest the meat of the word [for many choke on it], we must have the sure foundation of Christ’s doctrine. If we do not, then when the wolf blows on our spiritual house, it will sadly come crashing down. This is why so many Christians backslide. They are “tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine,” and their house is spoiled by the enemy.

Without the apostles’ doctrine as our sure foundation, even these few thoughts shared out of the meat of the word today will with time fade in our memory as a lovely song heard many moons ago, forgotten like bird song in a southern wind. The enemy will steal it from one’s mind and replace it with shallow thoughts about one’s self—because, alas, the self is still there.   Kenneth Wayne Hancock

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8 responses to “Dateline: New Jerusalem–Children, Have Ye Any Meat?

  1. Samual Yoder

    Totally agree except, yes always an exception, I found a teaching on the New Jerusalem called, “What On Earth Is Heaven Like” by Janet Willis that goes into how big the New Jerusalem really is. You are correct that Jehovah’s Witness’ have some truth in their doctrine which is why it makes them dangerous because people will agree with 1/2 of what they say at your door and believe they are therefore telling them truth not taking into account the error mixed in with that truth. Our Master plainly warned us several times to “take heed that no man decieve you”, which is why we check out what they and you teach with what the scriptures say so that no one can decieve us, we use the scriptures to see who is correct and who is trying to bamboozling us.
    Like your teachings keep up the work of feeding us the meat and not just the milk, we all need to strive to get off the milk teaching you provide and start eating the meat teachings you have.

  2. Annette

    Hallo Kenneth, again thankyou for sharing.
    His children and even nature is waiting for the arrival of the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth . What a glorious day that will be. First we will see a lot of “preperation” before earth will be ready to receive Yahweh’s Glorious Kingdom.
    I have one question, you write alot about the Royal priesthood, but what about the Bride?

    • Great question, Annette. The bride of Christ…Incredible as it may seem, the scriptures tell us in very plain English just who the bride is. I quote: “…Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God…” (Rev. 21: 9-10). This portion of the meat of the word chokes many people. Why? Because they have been taught that the spiritual newborn children of God–us, in other words–are the bride of Christ. And people will hang on to that doctrine for dear life, not believing their eyes when the above passage is pointed out to them. Another passage is when Christ was asked why His disciples did not fast as John Baptist’s. He asked them, speaking about the disciples, Can the children of the bride chamber fast as long as the bridegroom is with them? (Mt. 9: 15; Luke 5: 34). Peter, John and the rest of the disciples, including us today, are the children of The Father’s, how do I put this? We are not the bride; we are the offspring of our Father and His bride/wife, New Jerusalem. We emanated out of His precious loving heart’s purpose and plan to reproduce Himself, that we all as a family might in the next age populate the heavenly city [Oh, y’all need to order my new book The Royal Destiny!] This is heavy stuff. I have held this back for a long time waiting to share it. I guess that it is time.{Free book. Send your mailing address in USA to my email: Annette, there is so much more. Someday I will share more on this. wayneman

      • Annette

        Thankyou Kenneth, I will use your email adress. I observing what you wrote about the Bride but what about Revelations 19– the linen bit, the righteousness of the saints?

      • We must start from statement in Rev. 21: 9-10 that “the bride, the Lamb’s wife,” is New Jerusalem. This heavenly city is not a empty city. It is the dwelling place of God’s children, His righteous children–us. We can say this because the book of Revelation is “the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are and the things which shall be hereafter. Revelation dances through our past, present, and future, gliding in vision effortlessly. This is why it is difficult to understand; its point of view changes lighting on many different characters, nations, and spirits, both heavenly and earthly. New Jerusalem is “clothed” {an obvious poetic metaphor, spiritual in nature} with the righteousness of its inhabitants. Later, the marriage supper mentioned in 19: 9 is a supper that the literal fowls of heaven will share of the carnage done to the armies that had opposed Christ (vs. 11-21). The Marriage Supper is there in black and white and it is not the reception with fine crystal glasses and cake and waltzes throne for the church of God. No. Many will be riding with Christ, charging the enemy in battle fierceness (v. 14)…The vision flows through all the chapters. The churches pluck out one verse out of context and build a doctrine that turns into a denomination. Nothing is as it seems in this world. wayneman

  3. Terry Buddrow

    I always thought the bride was the church, the assembly of believer’s, but if we are his body then we can not be the bride for Messiah is not the bride. Funny how when you explain certain things in your posts more pieces fall into place. Thanks.

    • To swim against the stream of church false doctrine is daunting, but rewarding. And getting the “bride of Christ” doctrine straightened out is huge. Once the Spirit shows us, it is like the scales drop off of our eyes and we can see that it was there in the black and white all along. Thanks for commenting. kwh

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