Thump Thump!

I cried when they took him away, even though I knew that little Matty had to go to his home in North Carolina. I had grown so attached to him. I held him close in my arms every day, and we grew to be great friends, even though he was still an infant. As his mother and grandmother loaded up the suitcases and baby effects, my heart was bursting with pain.

I remember our favorite activity. He would lay on my lap with his head on my knees and his legs pointed upward upon my chest, and he would play, “Thump Thump,” with his feet—“Thump Thump Thump Thump” upon my chest.

Matty was nine months old when he left to go to his home. I thought then that we would never be able to play the Thump Thump game again. Boy was I wrong! For, you see, Matty grew very quickly in the years that ticked by. I saw him every year, and he was growing so fast that he was no longer able to lay in my lap and use my chest as a drum. The Thump Thump game became a fading memory. But it was a memory that I still held very dear.

One day when Matty was seven years old, he proved that infants have strong memories. We were in our living room, and I looked at Matty, and he had this gleam in his eye. It was as if a bit of lightning had charged his brain. He walked over to where I was sitting. He stood between my knees and looked me right in the eye.  And then with his hands, he leaned over and went, “Thump Thump,” on my chest, just like he used to do with his feet! He smiled at me, to let me know that he knew that I knew.  

He had proven that infants are intelligent and have excellent memories.



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3 responses to “Thump Thump!

  1. Sara Carran

    Such a sweet memory!

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